Monday, February 25, 2008

Cows and other amusements

We picked a great location to live in Corvallis, we are at the edge of town and can easily get to some great bike rides, it's about 2 miles to the country roads. I get a bit loopy after riding for a while and find strange things to be amused by... like cows! I love seeing this field of cows when we ride so Saturday we took a pit stop and appreciated the cows. After standing there a while, several cows came over and looked at us so it got quite stupid, we were staring at the cows and the cows were staring at us. Brilliant! I was amused.

I managed to avoid overdoing it this weekend, we spent some time with friends so that stopped me from getting too much exercise. I've said it before and I'll say it again: damn friends! Just kidding! Sunday my friend brought her 7 week old baby over for a visit, Bill ended up watching the baby for an hour (she was sleeping) while we went for a walk. It was quite brave of him to volunteer to watch a newborn considering he doesn't have the right equipment for a little baby. I remember watching a friend's baby a few years ago and she kept trying to pull my shirt up. Poor kid!

People watching cows who are watching people

Bad news for me: I have to move headquarters into the garage since Bill is making his office in our home office. I was pissed about it on Saturday when we started working on it, I realized he never let me have that room in the first place, his stuff was always strewn everywhere and I always had to ask him to move his crap so I could sew, and now, I've lost my lease and I'm banned to the garage with the lawn mower. Not cool dude. So the lawn mower is out of there and it's going to cost Bill some francs to get me a space I can live with. Making me angry is not the frugal thing to do dude. I'm thinking: new area rug, lamps, a heater, music, storage, and just getting his sporting goods out of my sight. He is offering me part of the office upstairs too, I think I'll go spread my stuff all over his office and see if it makes him angry like it did to me. That would be totally mature and thoughtful of me.

Here, I need to get in a better mood, here's some video of Cassie and Marshall brawling on Sunday:


And more video, I don't know, maybe we're bad parents...