Friday, February 22, 2008

Celebrate good times!

Bill took me out on the town Wednesday might and we got to see the inside of some of the new restaurants in town. Actually, both restaurants aren't new, but they moved into larger locations and are very sheik and fabulous. Bill kept saying, "Let's go to that "Va-la place" and I'm like what?! He said, "You know that Italian restaurant that moved into the new building downtown." I said, "You mean Iovinos?" and he says, "Yeah, that's it!" I don't know where he comes up with this stuff but as long as I get to eat in a nice restaurant!

We were out celebrating Bill's job offer from a company that is doing exactly what he has dreamed of doing: reducing and reusing waste by major corps. Yes, he is into waste. I'll write more about it later as he finds out more about the job but in addition to the great news about gainful employment (thank goodness) they offered to let him telecommute from our home in Corvallis so he will be working out of our home office. We don't have to move! Hopefully it will work out well, otherwise we will be moving to southern CA which sounds great for weather but we would be dirt poor and I'm kind of over that phase of life.

We're having a party for Bill next weekend, he has been tricking friends into thinking we are moving with the job offer. I told him not to but he didn't listen to me! I am planning a speech for the party and can't wait to "roast" Bill. I'll post the speech here later, it will tell you at a lot about us and the challenges we've faced. It hasn't been easy to support him through two master's degree and multiple Ironmans. Can I breath now? I think I'll make some strawberry daiquiris tomorrow and keep on celebrating.