Tuesday, January 29, 2008

That is messed up

Bill and I took our semi-annual trip to the movie theater to see "No Country for Old Men" which was an interesting but violent movie that has been nominated for a bunch of awards. I don't enjoy violent movies but this had an interesting plot so I willing to sit through it. The audience in our theater seemed disappointed with the abrupt ending, it doesn't wrap up the way typical Hollywood movies do and I think that's off-putting for people who like resolution. I would compare the violence and plot to the movie Pulp Fiction, if you liked that you movie would probably like this one. I thought the acting was outstanding but the movie was gruesome. Bill loves this type of movie and tried to scare me on the way home by faking a car accident while we were driving. This is why I refuse to watch scary movies with him, he would torment me afterwards so forget it dude.

Swimming 500s is going well, I've gotten in at least 5 sessions and low and behold, it's getting easier. Plus I'm swimming an easy pace that was once my race pace for swimming 500s so that is nice!!! Extra nice! I don't pressure myself to swim fast right now, I just swim to finish and feel good. Here's the way my mind is working it out while swimming:

1st lap: this might take a while
2nd lap: focus on reach
3rd lap: I feel like a barge
4th lap: rotate body (there goes Bill passing me like he's a speed boat)
5th lap: 1/2 way! only 5 more laps oh crud
6th lap: I feel my face and shoulders getting warm
7th lap: um, I might be tired, it would be nice to stop now
8th lap: I'm not quitting (and Bill's done swimming his 500)
9th lap: I still have another lap
10th lap: kick already! quit dragging yourself with your arms and there's the wall...

Yesterday Bill met me to swim, I told him I was tired right at the start of the swim so he started saying all of the ways I could bag it, go sit in the sauna etc, and I told him to stop making it OK for me to quit and I started swimming. I got a bloody nose (it has been cold here) while warming up, there is nothing worse than a bloody nose while swimming, you don't want them to freak out and close the pool, so I had to rush to the bathroom before anyone noticed. Despite that, I still got the 500 in so given that, I think I can start following up the 500 with some additional goals and work my way up to 2 x 500 here in the next few weeks.

I sound fun to be married to, don't I?