Sunday, January 06, 2008

Snow Day

It snowed in Corvallis this morning (just a little) but we could see snow in the hills at the edge of town so we drove to Oak Creek this morning and went for a hike in the snow with the dog. Bill talked me into a 5 miler so I slept through the football game this afternoon (yeah Giants! and Go Seahawks!) but it was great to get out on the trails we run in the summertime. Marshall had a blast romping in the snow, catching snowballs and taunting Bill. Yesterday we ran a bunch of errands so it was an uneventful weekend, I think we'll plan some weekend trips soon before I get cabin fever. We need to head down to Phoenix again at some point and I might talk Bill into driving me to northern Idaho to rent a cabin at my favorite resort and go snow shoeing around Priest Lake. Just a pesky 10 hour drive to get there, no biggie!

Trail to Mulloch Peak

Marshall catching snowballs