Thursday, January 17, 2008

Long Way Around

We watched a lot of movies last week, so here is a list of the good and poor ones...

"Long Way Round" starring handsome Ewen McGregor was recommended to Bill by a friend. It's a documentary following charming (and handsome) McGregor and his friend on an extended motorcycle trip across Europe, through Russia and then the US. It is a 2 CD adventure but it is setup for TV episodes so you can break up watching it. Initially I was put off by it, they were whining about not getting the free motorcycles they wanted and then were pissed when advisor's warned them about rough travel through certain areas. They came across as spoiled brats to me, but they redeem themselves later when the times truly get tough, they stick it out and show their true character. I'm not one for tracking the exploits of self indulgent rich people, but you do get an interesting look into the cultures they experienced and did I mention that Ewen McGregor is in it? Get it! You'll enjoy this one.

Less impressionable movies we sat through recently:
  • Ocean's Thirteen (boring, same as the other Ocean movies but without Julia)
  • The Simpson's Movie (terrible and short thank goodness)
  • Mr. Brooks with Kevin Costner (weird and not that thrilling for a thriller)
  • Reign Over Me with Adam Sandler playing a man trying to come to terms with losing his family after 9/11 (interesting and touching but not very believable plot)
  • Winter's Passing with Ed Harris and Will Farrell (not great, slow, and strange)
  • The Kingdom with Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Gardner (simple minded patriotic silliness, mostly because of the ending)
Only one I would recommend right now: "Once" is a charming movie, probably only good for people who appreciate singer songwriter style music or understated stories. The music is the feature of this film so if you aren't a music fan, it probably won't appeal to you but I liked it a lot.

We're going to take a break from all of this movie watching and head out of town this weekend to northern Idaho. We've rented a cabin at Priest Lake, ID with my mom this weekend. I can't wait to get up there with the dog and do some x country skiing and snow shoeing and Bill can't wait to get to the bar at the resort and watch football (no tv in the cabin! gasp!). Should be an interesting weekend. Bill is bringing his poker chips for a rematch with my mom and I think they might be staying up without me for that!