Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kitty making snow balls


Watch this video of Cassie trying to catch snow falling this morning. It's snowing in Corvallis today, something that happens maybe once or twice a year. It started on Friday after a week of sunshine but then it rained on Saturday and we woke up Sunday to big fluffy snowflakes and now it's really coming down.

We got in some good workouts this week which left me feeling a bit fatigued by the time Saturday rolled around. I think it's important to ease into an exercise routine when you are out of shape so you don't injure yourself or burn out. For some flipped out reason, I decided on Saturday that a run at Lewisburg Saddle was a good idea, it's a 6.6 mile loop in the hilly forest just outside of town. It was 35 degrees and raining so the idea was even more ridiculous. Since I've had 3 run/walk sessions in the past 2 weeks averaging 4 miles each, the Saddle was going to be a challenge for me, a cold and rainy challenge.

We picked up our friend's dog Milo so Marshall would have a playmate for the run and drove out to the forest. It was a quiet car ride there, I think we were hoping the rain would let up but it didn't. My plan was to walk up the hills and run the flat and downhill sections. I started the loop going up, 22 minutes of walking straight uphill. I think the next section was at least 30 minutes of running, I stopped twice to walk for a minute or two which helped me regain my form and let me relax a bit. Then I walked the final uphills and jogged any flat sections in between. I finished the loop in 1 hour and 19 minutes which I think is averaging ~11:30 miles. That is about 3 1/2 minutes per mile slower than what I used to run this loop BUT I was glad to have taken on the challenge and finished somewhat strongly. Of course I'm stiff and sore today but I can only get better so that's a positive. I think I can only get smarter too.

We will likely ride the bike trainer indoors today and watch the snow fall outside. I saw the Dr. again last week and she wants us to wait until March to try again for pregnancy and has recommend I go back on Clomid and to use the drug every other month. We'll wait until March but I think we'll go without drugs initially to see if I can ovulate without them. Until then, I'm going to have some fun, lose a bit of weight and get back into decent shape. And try not to be too stupid about running in the cold and rain.