Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This is Looking Pretty Real Now Friends

We went in to the Dr. today for an 8 week pregnancy exam and everything looked good! Yeah! She did a quick ultrasound and measured the baby to be 8 weeks and 5 days and projected the due date to be July 25th. In the photo you can see the baby's bum at the upper left (inside the smaller dark section--the larger dark section is my full bladder which is a whole other story) and in the lower right part is the baby's head, if you look really closely you can see two plus marks where she measured, that is the baby. Bill saw the heart beat again today and he looked very excited about it, it's so nice to have him with me, normally we gals handle these things on our own but Bill is dealing with the women's section of the hospital just fine.

So I think I might actually be pregnant. For real. Because I am 35 they are recommending an "ultra screen" so next week I get to go in an provide 8 vials of blood for them to run tests on. I seriously think this could be a major catastrophe in my little world. I have passed out 3 times that I can remember from seeing my own blood and one time I cut my finger (just barely) and my mom had to rush me to the ER because I passed out and convulsed. I also peed my pants. I'm not kidding around. Of course I was a teenager then and likely anemic but 8 vials!!! I thought they were going to take it today so I drank a bunch of fluid so I wouldn't be dehydrated and make it even worse.

Once they do the blood work I go in for a more in depth ultra sound and they will use the blood work and the ultra sound to determine the likelihood of genetic disorders. Some disorders are terminal so we are not out of danger yet but we are looking good for everything we know now.

I am not feeling so good and really struggled to swim yesterday (nausea) and aqua jog today (more nausea) so I haven't yet found a type of exercise that doesn't make me feel sick. I'm going to keep trying. Well I'm off to go drink a banana smoothie, I couldn't eat the dinner Bill prepared for me so it's back to the bananas. :)