Thursday, December 06, 2007


I got home today and noticed our older kitty had a clump of white hair hanging out of her mouth, the same color and texture of hair from the younger kitty as a matter fact, apparently there was a bit of a brawl. Before you feel bad for the little one, yesterday I found her biting the older cat's head while the older kitty yelled, something the little one was able to do since she was laying on top of her and had her in a head lock. I think they are playing with each other but it's getting kind of crazy around here.

Today was good: Bill sold his Subaru Forester to a 16 year old young man who was very excited to be driving his first car. Bill told him to take good care of it and was happy to sell it to someone who would appreciate it but we are both sad it is no longer in our driveway. Bill had a lot of memories in the car before he met me and together we have very sweet memories, our first camping trip together, taking Marshall home from the shelter, moving all of our crap around to the many places we lived together. It's sad to say goodbye but we have new beginnings to be grateful for and a check that will help with the debt we've accrued while Bill was in school. So we can breath a little easier today, I'm going to do a big exhale now. ahhhhhh well I better go see what those cats are doing...