Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Stormy Weather

Photo from The Oregonian newspaper. I think we're through the worst of a winter storm that hit the NW this past weekend. There were hurricane force winds, flooding, and high surf on the coast and there were some power outages. Here in the valley we had non-stop rain for 2 days and high winds but the only effects we saw was a severe case of cabin fever in our animals. I walked a block to the post office yesterday and got soaked despite having an umbrella. I feel sorry for our new neighbor that just moved here from the east side, I told them that even though it rains here it often clears up at some point during the day so you can get outside. (Yeah right)
Tuesday is President's coffee at the university, it's a holiday open house and they serve lots of yummy treats and good coffee. I might have to skip it, I can't drink my beloved coffee anymore. I tried this weekend and despite a good effort it wouldn't go down. I also skipped the first part of our swim meet yesterday, I did the warm up and then swam in the cool down lane while everyone else did a 100 fly and 100 back for time. Just a little depressing, not bad though. I think the weather is about to clear so no worries, we'll get out for some good exercise with the dog soon. Hmmm, what's that dark cloud doing?