Friday, December 07, 2007

Joy to the World

Bill swam the 200 IM in 2:28 and I'm so nauseated I can't eat vanilla ice cream. Sounds about right doesn't it! I was happy this morning to hear some women from the OSU swim team were going to drop in on our swim workout today and put the hurt on Bill. In the end I think they all kept each other honest, he held their pace for the 50 fly (which surprised them) but they dropped him by the end of the first 25 back. Accomplished swimmers are so amazing to watch, their flip turns and push offs are incredible. You can tell many hours of practice and hard work have gone into each part of their stroke, to me it's like watching a dancer. Even though Bill met his goal for the 200 IM he must have felt slightly dissatisfied because he challenged the girls again for another go around on the last heat (which they declined) so he swam it alone in 2:29. I watched from the bench and then one of the curvy women in class offered me her old swim suits for when I get bigger. Great day for me. I need to go brush my teeth since I have the taste of stale Saltines in my mouth. :)