Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fun Things

Photo of my friend Cathy wearing a fleece skirt I made her at a cyclocross race near SF. Cathy is one of the women that is forming Team Xantusia, the women's triathlon racing team. Soon I will have more updates on that, we are finishing up developing the web site and our mission. I've been pretty busy with work and tribabe.com so I think part of the reason I get so tired on the weekends is my brain is always running.

The holidays are a busy time for everyone and we are so fortunate to have family and friends to think of during this time but wow is it work! I've actually purchased gifts for about half of the people on my list, we don't have a ton of money so we're trying to be thoughtful on a budget and it has not been easy. I tend to take these things on to do all on my own but I realized today that my husband can do some of this stuff too so yeah! He has officially been recruited. If someone out there gets a funky present from us, don't blame me, it was probably you know who ;) Friday is the holiday party for my office and Saturday a friend is having a party. I think I will get some rest some time in 2008. Is January too late to send out holiday cards?