Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trouble Will Find You

This weekend looks like it will be the opposite of last weekend. Friday night I'm meeting the south town homies for happy hour (ladies only) and Saturday we're going up to Salem for a wine tasting party. Basically everyone brings a bottle of wine and you have a blind tasting of various wines and whoever guesses the most wins more wine. Obviously Bill and I will not be contenders, he barely drinks and I haven't had much wine since I met him. It should be fun to watch other people get lit up.

We had 1 trick or treater last night. I didn't put up any decorations this year so maybe that's why we didn't get as much traffic. I had an eye exam Wednesday afternoon in downtown Corvallis and there were trick or treaters everywhere. The downtown businesses provide treats which I guess is a safer environment for the kids. All I know is we have a Costco size bag of candy which will be serious trouble for us. This will lead us into overeating at Thanksgiving and Christmas and spending early 2008 working off the fat. The mini Butterfingers are worth it though!