Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I've Outdone Myself with a Crazy New Idea!

I apologize for not getting a post up yesterday, I had a dinner party for the local tribabes Tuesday night after work and didn't sit down until 10 pm. Tonight I've been packing for a major road trip. Bill and I "planned" a last minute road trip that will have us gone for a week, we've rented a cargo van and we're headed toward Phoenix to pick up some furniture. Here's our trip:

-Thursday drive to San Francisco and staying with Katy (approx 9 hour drive)
-Friday drive with Katy down to Xantusia, Dan and Monty's place north of LA. We'll hang out there for a few days, ride bikes, hot tub, socialize with some of the ladies of slowtwitch (Cathy, Erin, Amy, Katy, and more will be there) and work on our goal to start a women's racing team (more on that later).
-Sunday drive to Phoenix and stay with the parents for a few days. Load up the van with a big screen tv and some other great furniture and hit the road again
-Tuesday drive north 1/2 way, I don't know how far we'll get but we're planning to drive up through Nevada
-Wednesday drive home

The dog is coming with us (yeah!) and the cats will enjoy our house sitter who won't be distracted by the dog. I will post pics from Xantusia and Phoenix, we'll try to see some good sights and have a great time. Nothing like a quickie 2600 mile trip to shake up our week. Have a great weekend!