Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm Pregnant!

Shocker isn't it!?! We decided to take a break for the rest of the year from fertility drugs and wait for January so the short term disability I just signed up for could kick in and OF COURSE the instant we stopped trying I got pregnant! I'm seven weeks pregnant right now and will go to the Dr. for the first appt. on Friday. I found out last Saturday, I went to a friend's house to grab her dogs for a run and she asked me to take it easy on them and I started whining about how I still wasn't feeling good even though I was off fertility drugs. I told her I could hardly run because my breasts hurt and I had cramps but my period just wouldn't come. Her eyes got huge and she said, "well that's probably because you're pregnant!" to which I denied profusely.

She freaked me out enough that I asked Bill to go to the store and buy a home pregnancy test (poor guy) and BAM! It was positive. I quickly got panicky because in the past my progesterone tested too low to sustain a pregnancy and I had to wait until Monday to get blood work done. My progesterone came back normal (for a pregnant person) and they told me I was six weeks pregnant.

It has taken me this long to be able to write about it, I needed a little bit of time to process this, everyone wants me to be excited but right now I'm scared. And nauseated. And really, really tired. I'm worried that I could miscarry, so getting past a few milestones like the first ultrasound will make me feel better. We've told our immediate family and friends and I'm writing about it here since I've already been so open about it, I would like to share this part too. And I'll be honest about it, I'm happy but it's mixed with caution. I'm not ready to pick out names or talk about the future. We're dealing with this one day at a time and mostly I'm dealing with it by sleeping. The animals are very helpful with naps and Bill has been cooking whatever random things I think I can eat. Last night it was bananas and peanut butter. I can eat, but I have no appetite and the smallest thing turns my stomach so I'm trying to stay away from the kitchen.

I won't let my blog become a detail of pregnancy woes and I hope my regular readers will forgive me for staying away for a while, I needed some quiet time to take in this blessing and be with Bill. It's a little overwhelming to be pregnant after months of trying and then giving up but it feels great. When I'm not sick! Thanks to all of my readers for sharing in my life, I know there are women out there reading who are trying to get pregnant and I wish the best for you. Enjoy drinking martinis and eating great food while you can! I can barely drink tea anymore let alone my beloved coffee. Yuck! Don't think about it!