Friday, November 02, 2007

Get a spatula, I need help getting off the swim deck

(Photo of an Australian Olympic swimmer i.e. not me by a landslide). Coach wanted to end swim class for the week with a bang so after 1000 yard warm-up he told us to put on fins and gave us a set of 6 x 50 fly. Then he said, "Take off your fins and get out of the pool!" which means race time. We did 2 x 50 fly for time with the instruction to stop if we lost our rhythm. I was able to crank out both 50s in 0:00:40:0X. That's 40 seconds and change for you non-obsessives. The good news: I did both at a consistent pace. Yeah baby! Even if it is slow, I paced myself well to get it done. I have to celebrate the small things.

Hopefully I will improve that and work up to swimming 100 fly in the next 5 weeks because that will be part of the swim meet at the end of the term. I was able to swim a 200 fly two years ago and I recall feeling like someone should get a spatula and peel me off the deck. I felt a little bit that way today too. I have some work to do.

Meeting the ladies downtown for martinis tonight! Cheers!