Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Boys of Everest

I picked up The Boys of Everest before our road trip down to AZ and read it to Bill during our long daylight hours in the car. We're almost half way through the book and Bill likes it and I am not so thrilled with it. I love the stories about the climbers but the writer tries to imagine what they were thinking during climbs and that doesn't sit well with me. He could have written 100 less pages and made it a good book. Will not read Clint Willis again. boooo from me.

I'm reading "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson on my own, it's a comedic tale about a writer who walks the Appalachian Trail with very little hiking experience. Love it so far.

Tomorrow is an important day, we go for our first ultrasound and I am anxious to hear a heart beat. I can't really think beyond that except I will talk to the Dr. about an additional test to screen for any genetic problems since I'm 35. My friend had a screening test that combines blood work with an ultrasound and determines the likely hood of problems. If it's one in a million then I wouldn't worry. If it's one in one hundred then I might have another test done.

We're having friends over on Saturday to watch the Hawaii Ironman broadcast on NBC and we'll watch the Civil War football game Ducks vs. Beavers. Go Beavs! We have a shot since the Ducks qb is hurt, poor guy.