Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Think I Love My Husband

Last night we watched the movie "I Think I Love My Wife" starring Chris Rock. It's an OK movie, I think it's a remake, but it's worth watching as a couple just to get you thinking about how we take the things we have for granted. In the movie a female friend tries to seduce Chris Rock away from his wife and family. He was bored with marriage and tempted by the fantasy of being with another woman.

I won't give away the rest of the story in case you want to see the movie but it reminded me of some discussions I had recently with friends. I think most women at some point have questioned whether another woman has pure intentions with their partner. I've seen women flirt with my husband and seriously, he is so clueless about these things, he really has no idea when it is happening.

Recently there was a woman who I felt was trying to initiate an inappropriate relationship with my husband. Now don't get any hot ideas, she was a former classmate and wanted help studying, alone, with my husband. It could have been completely on the up and up and her intentions could have been pure but as far as I'm concerned she can go take a hike. It's nothing personal towards her, but there's a difference between hanging out with a guy from class and hanging out with a married guy from class. So bye bye co-ed!

I know Bill thought she was harmless and that I was overacting but that's my right and he honored that. We don't want to be in situations where things get misinterpreted or could compromise our relationship. I think there is societal pressure to not over-react and to allow "harmless" flirting. I know I have gotten myself in awkward situations in the past by allowing harmless flirting and it really sucks to find out that your best friend was only hanging out with you because he thought something else could happen. That sucks.

I'm blabbering like always. Something that made me happy today: it was really windy all day today and the branches and leaves were roaring from the wind. That is such an amazing sound, it reminded me of being out hiking on a ridge. Something that made me happy yesterday: our swim coach came back after being gone with a bad back for several weeks and yelled, "Erika! Your fly has improved but you're bending your knees too much on the 2nd kick!" Yes!!!! I'm going to start saying one thing that makes me happy per day. Aren't you happy about that! ;)