Sunday, October 07, 2007

Girl's Weekend in Hood River

I'm back and refreshed after a fun weekend with the girl's in Hood River, Oregon. I met these ladies through the slowtwitch triathlon training camp and we decided to bring together the NW gals for a fun weekend. Two of us were from Oregon and one from Idaho and one from Washington. Hood River was a perfect meeting point and a great town. The town was revived by windsurfers in the 80s so there are plenty of cool restaurants and shops to explore. We stayed at the Hood River B&B which is just a few blocks from the main street downtown.

Our first order of business was a short bike ride on the historic Columbia River highway (it's closed to traffic now) which was splendid on a crisp fall day. Soon enough we were off to the pub for martinis and appetizers to wait for our new friend from Idaho. Once Sheri got there we walked around the booming downtown area and realized that it was First Friday and there were lots of people out and about. It was quite a scene but we found a great place to eat and the girl talk began in earnest.

Our b&b made us a great breakfast Saturday morning (the owner is a swimmer and we swapped stories over breakfast) and went off for a brisk morning hike with views of the Columbia gorge. Afterward we had coffee, showered and hit the town for the microbrew festival. There was live music and vendors and we really enjoyed a local troupe of Brazilian style drummers that entertained in between live music sets. It was a fun atmosphere and really enjoyable although the brewers all seemed to represent with an IPA so it was hop city there. IPA is my favorite type of beer but dang! Hoppy!

Later we had more cocktails and went out for a late sushi dinner. Actually, I didn't have any cocktails because my stomach was revolting on me but I'm not going to whine about it here. Let's just say I'm taking a few months off from fertility drugs (completely off) so I can feel normal again. Anyway, the crowd was a bit boozy so we didn't linger too long (one woman was showing her newly purchased breasts to her dining companions) and walked back through town and back to the B&B for more girl talk and bed. Sunday we enjoyed another fabulous breakfast and went SHOPPING at the great shops there. I bought doggy stuff at Gorge Dog and I believe some hats and other fun items were purchased for kitties and doggies (not me this time!). After a quick lunch we all headed out and I made it home at a reasonable time today. It was a great weekend and the only question that remains: when can we do it again?