Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The funniest photo I've ever seen

OMG! Click to zoom in on this photo! We were at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area with my mom and sister this weekend playing around near the beach when Bill picked up a long piece of seaweed or kelp (?) and started swinging it around like he was going to lasso the dog. I knew he would start coming after us girls next so I told my mom and sister "Run!" and quickly I was atop a sand dune and turned around because my mom was screaming so I whipped out my camera to capture this dear moment. Don't worry, it ended well, he tossed the kelp aside and my mom hobbled up the hill unharmed and Bill said, "You're like those people that get killed first in horror movies! You freeze when you're being attacked!" I don't know who is stranger, her or him. Either way, they keep me laughing. What a bunch of weirdos! Soon after this my sister said, "This has been great but I want to go home and eat pizza and watch football, there are some great games on today." Bill was all happy to hear that. grrrr.

Sorry for the delay in blog postings! We had company all weekend and I'm particularly busy with work and trying to get back into shape so not a lot of free time but I vow to blog more. You can hold me to it. I have some more great photos that I will post tomorrow (Wednesday) but for today, I need to go eat and spend some time with my book. I did 50 minutes of walk/run today and 50 minutes of yoga, I'm finally feeling better and I'm ready to get back into shape a bit. But I promise to blog too! Cheers!