Sunday, September 23, 2007

What a fiasco

Oops! It's 9:30 pm and this is what our living room looks like. Bill is putting together a dresser we bought at Ikea this morning and we just realized why the furniture there costs less... it comes in 400 pieces! Actually we're pleased with this dresser, it's made of wood (not particle board) and it feels solid and is modern looking so when Bill gets it put together sometime in the next few weeks we should be happy with it.

I screwed up this weekend. We went to Fall Festival (arts and crafts event) in Corvallis and Bill was not having any of it. I left feeling very irritated and frustrated as arts and crafts are my thing and I really liked some of the stuff there so I decided to cheer myself by working on painting the entry way. This sparked a new idea: paint the 2nd floor wall a different color, a bold color, a GOLD color to feature the art we hang there! So I went out and bought a quart of gold and Bill painted it up for me under the conditions that we would not change it for at least 1 month because he could tell this would be bad. I could have died as he started painting, it's hideous! Now I have to beg him to change it to ivory (the rest of the entry way will be ivory) or paint it while he isn't home. I almost can't stand to look at it.

We spent almost the entire day at Ikea today and found some great stuff but I really didn't get anything done that I wanted to get done this weekend. We bought a bed frame that I love but when we got home there was a small crack in the frame so I don't know if we did it by strapping it to the top of the Jeep or if it was that way to begin with. Either way, we have to drive it back up to Portland to exchange it. I might feel better once Bill assembles the dresser. We probably should have waited until the rains comes to start on all this stuff and we should have went camping instead of shopping.