Friday, September 28, 2007

This beaver is too busy

Yikes! I invited a bunch of people over to our house tomorrow to shoot photos of doggie t-shirts and to celebrate my birthday and we are scrambling to get everything finished. The house is torn up from painting and the various projects I'm working on so we're trying to wrap it up. Hopefully I will get everything done tomorrow morning and will start a relaxation process. I just framed about 8 large photos and several small ones and started on putting a logo on the dog t-shirts. Then I spilled water all over everything so I think I need to chill out for a while. I just realized it's 9pm.

Tomorrow is doggie day at the pool, they let dogs use the outdoor pool and water park before they close it for the season so I'm taking Marshall and Napoleon for a day at the pool. Then we're meeting a bunch of dogs at the park to take photos of t-shirts and then we're hosting a BBQ for about 14 people. I stayed up late last night watching a dumb movie (Zodiac) and ran a bunch of errands after work today so I'm fried. I'll post cute pics if I have time tomorrow. I'm so busy I think my 35th birthday will pass almost unnoticed. Sweet!

Have a great weekend!