Thursday, June 28, 2007

This is ridiculous

I can't wait for Bill to walk into the Four Seasons hotel with this thing on his back. He looks like he's going to Nepal. Our other luggage is an extra large floral suitcase that contains a camp stove and Bill's dinner clothing. Sweet! This is going to be the strangest trip I've ever been on.

Work was ridiculous too today. We finished the remodeling of our offices and everyone is saying that I have the best office. This isn't good! Envy isn't good! The problem is that I offered to put a window into a wall in my office that faces the reception area so now everyone that walks by can see what a great view I have. We were just trying to let natural light in to the cubicle area but instead everyone has a great view of my sweet office. I'll probably get back from vacation and find someone else sitting at my desk. You think I'm exaggerating but I was the office joke for a while. We ran out of space a few years ago so I offered to move into an old facilities bldg in the parking lot behind our bldg temporarily while they figured out what to do. I was out there for two years before I finally made it back into my old office and a few weeks after I moved back in they told me we were remodeling and I had to move to another temporary location. I must look stupid or maybe I am stupid because I packed my stuff again. Now I have a killer office and I haven't spent one day in there and I'm on vacation. Good grief.

Anyway we are off tomorrow for our flight to Phoenix. Yes, we're leaving 75 degree weather to enjoy the 110 dry heat. We're meeting the parents and hanging out for a few days before we load up our newly adopted Jeep Grand Cherokee and see the Sierra Nevadas.

For you fertility rubberneckers (I am a wreck right?) it looks like I am not going to be pregnant this month. I saw my Dr. today and she said my progesterone looked great and if I was 18 I would be pregnant if Bill looked at me but I would have a positive pregnancy test by now if I was so we're just waiting for the next cycle to start. I can't wait, the last month was a roller coaster of Clomid induced mood swings, hot flashes, abdominal pain, messed up sleep, and extreme fatigue. Actually being on this drug gives you all the symptoms of early pregnancy so if I wasn't already crazy enough, I spend two weeks wondering if every bit of nausea, constipation or hot flash means it's a boy or a girl! Crazy town! here i come! Where are those drugs, I'll just get going right now on them!

Here are some pics of Cassie from her most recent photo shoot:

Have a great weekend and happy 4th of July. I'll try to blog again on Monday before we leave for the journey home. We are hoping they get the fire at Lake Tahoe under control so more people don't lose their homes and so we can visit. I'll take lots of pics! And post them on my blog! With long stories no one wants to read all the way to the bottom of! Yeah! !!!!! I know you'll miss me!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sticking with it

Yesterday I stopped off at the welcome home rally for the OSU Beaver baseball team that just won their 2nd college world series title in a row. The Beavers didn't have a great record going in to the tournament but once they were there, they dominated.

I ran in to some former co-workers at the rally and one lady asked if I had a new job yet, she left on very bitter terms and hasn't looked back since. I told her things were more stable in our office and that things were going well. She stormed off.

There were times in the past 4 years that I wanted to leave my job but I am so glad I stayed. We had a change in leadership, my supervisor quit, several managers quit and we had a lot of staff turnover. We ran out of office space and phase 1 of our remodel made offices look like mini cells, there wasn't a lot of good morale to go around. But the people that stayed on have stuck together and we are almost finished with the final remodel and things look and feel great. My new boss has offered me to go part time whenever I want, he knows I am trying to get pregnant and is very supportive. I know there is no way I could find a part time job that pays what I make now so I appreciate his offer very much.

I have stuck with this job longer than any other job I've held and it worked out for me. Sometimes moving on isn't the right thing and I'm glad I'm getting old enough to appreciate that.

Fertility update: I am nearing the end of my first cycle on the fertility drug clomid and I don't feel so good. I've been extremely tired every day, last night I took a nap after work and then couldn't sleep until after 1am this morning. When I woke up early this morning I was super hot and had a temp of 98.9 and a headache. Fun! The good news is that last week I was tested for progesterone levels and they results came back high so it looks like I am ovulating with the help of the drug. Phew. Just think, for all this suffering I might end up pregnant, what a treat! ;)

Monday, June 25, 2007

California Road Trip

I think we have mapped out our drive from Phoenix to Corvallis, OR next week and we've got some great stops planned along the way. We fly down to PHX Friday, spend a few days in Scottsdale and visit with family then leave Chandler next Tuesday. From there we have an aggressive schedule to complete:
  1. Camp at Red Rock Canyon State Park (Tues)
  2. Camp/Hike at Sequoia and Kings Canyon (Wed)
  3. Hike at Yosemite and find hotel (Thurs)
  4. Stop off at Lake Tahoe (Fri)
  5. Camp/Hike at Lassen Volcanic Park (Fri)
  6. Drive like crazy home to the funny farm in Corvallis (Sat)
We'll see how many stops we get in, the biggest driving legs are Tues and Sat so hopefully we can drive and hike the rest of the days. I think Bill is still having thoughts on climbing Mt Whitney and checking out the Xterra bike course at Lake Tahoe and I'm not saying a word about it at this point.

I'm going to miss my dog like crazy but he can't go to the national parks in California. We've got a house sitter lined up and will ask friends to take him out to play while we're gone but I'm used to my dog hogging my sleeping bag at night when we camp and patrolling the trail ahead of me. Don't cry thinking about it. (sob sob)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pacific Crest 1/2 Ironman 2007

Maybe I'll learn my lesson this time. (Do not imply that Bill can not do something). Because he'll go ahead and do it, and do it well enough to make me want to keep my big mouth shut! Saturday morning Bill joined the triathlon ranks at Wickiup Reservoir for a modified version of this triathlon. Road construction had the route around Mt Bachelor closed so instead of an amazing climb the bikers were treated to an easier roller ride into Sunriver where the run starts.

Bill came out of the water in 29:37 for 14th overall out of 478 racers which looked to me to be 3rd in his wave. I was there cheering with some of the OSU Beavers and watched an excellent crew from Corvallis take many of the top spots. Out on the bike course Bill lost a little time, as I mentioned many times on my blog he has been on the low to no training program while finishing school this year. Still he motored away at it and came in at 2:28:51 for 63rd overall on the bike.

Our agreement was that he would drop out on the run if his ankle was bothering him on mile 4 or 5 so I meant to get myself to that location so I could be there with him if that was his decision. We stayed at a rental house that had some old bikes in the garage so I tried to ride around on this squatty old cruiser bike and couldn't get there in time, he was running too fast! I cross country-ed it across a field and busted a move to mile 9 and there came Bill, prancing through like he'd been run training for months. He definitely wasn't at his race pace but he wasn't walking and he said his ankle was fine so I got to see him at the finish line next.

He ran the 13.1 miles in 1:50:16 which made him 48th overall with a total time of 4:53:00. I have been silenced.

Our friend won the women's race overall and got to take home $1,000 while the rest of the Beaver triathlon club came in well in their divisions. This race isn't easy because of the elevation (4,400) and typically the heat on the run but it's always beautiful in the Bend area and we had a great time. Anyone out there considering a race in the NW, this one is a gem, get it on your calendar, get a rental house in Sunriver and have a great time! I'll post more photos tomorrow, I've got to get back to watching Ironman CDA online!

Friday, June 22, 2007

I want to go to Bend Oregon

We're off to Bend, Oregon today for Bill to race in the Pacific Crest triathlon. I am concerned about him racing a 1/2 Ironman tomorrow because he still hasn't picked up on his training, he ran two miles yesterday, swam about 1200 yards with me Wednesday and biked up Mary's Peak last Saturday. That is all the training he's done since Blue Lake two weeks ago. I think I've gotten through to him that he should pull out of the race if his ankle is bothering him, he's still icing it and has come up with a "modified" run style to get through the race. Does that sound insane to you?

Anyway, I LOVE BEND! It's the home of Deschutes Brewery (Juble-Juble Juble Ale beer) and is a multisport mecca. We were very close to moving there in 2004, I had a job interview with a company that was named one of the best places to work in Bend. I stopped by for the interview when I was on my way to racing Ironman CDA. They called me the day before the race and asked for a 2nd interview so I stopped by there again on my way home. The 2nd interview didn't go as well (my brain was fried) and they hired internally. That sucked. But of course, when one door closes a window opens for me to jump out of and life went on.

Typically a trip to Bend would mean biking, trail running, hiking, and cold mountain swimming for me. We're just going up for the night and will be back tomorrow, I just can't do the things I want to do right now on this fertility drug so we'll just get back home to the funny farm. Tonight we're staying at a rental house with the OSU triathlon club. I will likely be sleeping on the ground outside in a sleeping bag since we're over capacity and I'm not too keen on chatty co-eds at 11pm at night. Bill has bribed me with a trip to REI to buy me a new girlie sleeping bag so the trip will be worth it. They better have pink! Or light blue!!! I can't even drink any Mirror Pond at the brewery this weekend so I just won't have that genuine Bend experience. I'll have some pics late Saturday/early Sunday. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Every year at OSU they shut down steam for a week after school gets out and before summer session begins. I don't know what the heck they are doing but it means COLD showers and no heat for the pool so we went to the community pool yesterday to swim outdoors in the sun and timed it so we could use the waterslide after our workout. Bill and I always make up great workouts like who can swim breast stroke underwater the farthest. Quality stuff. I forgot my camera so I stole this pic from their web site, there only a few kids there at noon so it didn't look anything like this mob scene.

Last night we jumped on the College World Series band wagon and watched the final inning to see the Beavers get another spot in the finals. Time for the Flecks to break out their BEAVER BELIEVER t-shirts we so graciously gifted to them at Xmas last year. go beavs!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In the long run

This pic shows our new run hat, it's a lightweight wicking hat with an inner terry band for catching sweat and best of all, the hat folds so if you're on a long run and tire of having a hat on you can fold it and stash it in a pocket our in the band of your shorts. It still holds it's shape and it looks great and it's been a hot seller at all of the triathlons we've been to. We have them in gray, pink, white, black, and blue and they are customizable so you can embroider whatever you want on them. I think they will be great for running groups to get their name on or a sweet gift for a running friend. You can see them on

Bill is picking up kids tees from embroidery today so I will work on getting those in the web store tonight. We just signed on to be a vendor at the Valley Girl Triathlon in Spokane, WA on July 15th and I am really excited to finally get to attend this event. It will give me an opportunity to visit my family in Spokane and go to an all women's triathlon, one that I hope to race at next year.

Signing on for the Spokane trip means we will be out of town every weekend for the next 4 weeks. We talked again about our upcoming Arizona trip and Bill said he wants to climb Mt. Whitney which means 10 miles up (to 14,000+) and 10 miles down, a hike I'm not up for right now being on these fertility drugs. I'm still have abdominal pain and have a hard time standing totally upright so it would be me hanging out while Bill bagged his peak. These are the hard discussions we have as a couple. Bill spent a lot of time being a bachelor before he met me and it's fine when we can play climb the mtn together but when one can't go... we're going to have to figure it out.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I am no model

We finally got credit card processing going on TRIBABE.COM! We also added Google Checkout and PayPal Express Checkout which allows you to pay without having to type your billing and shipping address so you are checked out with just a few mouse clicks. I had to pay a little extra each month for it but I think it's worth it for the extra security and ease of checking out.

Bill and I had a short photo shoot to in an effort to try to get more photos of new products and as you can see, I am no professional model. I need to convince some friends to help me out but do you know how awkward that is? "Hi friend, I think you are hot. Will you pose for my web site?" I try to respect my friend's privacy by not saying names or posting photos of them without their permission. I might just have to do some begging.

Did I tell you how much I love these fabulous t-shirts? These are the tops that were inspired by QRGirl, I should get her to do some modeling for me. Oooohhh QRgirl, did you get that t-shirt I sent you? How about some photos of you in it!

Hey, if any of you readers out there are hot and would like to pose for I will send you a gift certificate in appreciation. Let me know!

Here is my other favorite cutest thing, a pink "Oregon Triathlon" hoodie:

Monday, June 18, 2007

School's out!

On Sunday we attended the College of Business graduation ceremony for Bill's MBA. It was at 9am which was kind of early but it got us up and looking decent on a Sunday and it was fun to celebrate Bill's accomplishment formally. I can't say that the ceremony was inspiring, the speakers tried to be humorous and there were a lot of inside jokes. It was nice when they acknowledged the families, it takes a lot of support to get someone through school and as adults Bill and I appreciate each other's support, I hope the younger kids are grateful to their parents.

Afterwards we spent more time cleaning the house and went to Borders to buy an atlas for our upcoming road trip and a book about Yosemite. I think we have a good hike picked out that will give great views of Half Dome. I will struggle to be happy with packed trails and traffic jams getting in there but it will be wonderful to see the historic natural landmarks and Ansel Adams inspirations in person. Apparently camping there is out of the question so we'll either have to back country it or stay at a hotel. They sell out of camping the day they open registration there.

Our trip to Phoenix should be interesting to pack for, we're staying at the Four Seasons in Scottsdale with Bill's parents and then going on a road trip with plans to camp. I wonder if the Four Seasons will allow us to bring in our camp stove?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Ranking

Friday was Bill's last day of school and when he got home I thought we might finally get some quality time together, but I was soon to find out that my time would come after a round of disc golf. You would think the guy would be exhausted but no, he actually planned to go biking at 6:30 am the next morning. So, I rank somewhere after disc golf and biking.

The great thing about Bill is that even when he's tired (he rode 50+ miles up Mary's Peak this morning) he'll fake energy around me when he's been out playing. I used his fake energy to help me redo our office and get myself better organized so inventory isn't clogging the entry way of our house. He's probably napping now that I'm upstairs quietly typing. Married life is one excitement after another.

I took Marshall for a hike this morning with a friend and cleaned house. The animals were enjoying some afternoon sunshine, when the weather is nice we leave the back door open so they can come and go as they please so there is frequent sunbathing and lounging going on as you can see from these pics.

Tomorrow is Bill's graduation ceremony and it looks like we'll install some shelves in the office closet after that. See how exciting things are? Being home this weekend is fabulous. I'm having a good time watching flowers come up in the back yard, I planted a lot last year in preparation for our back yard wedding and it's cool to see what has survived. I survived but just barely!

Anyone know what this flower is? An easter lily? I didn't plant this one and I really like it. Back to my exciting evening, perhaps a little vacuuming? That should wake Bill up!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Will Run for Beer

I finally got sun visors loaded in my web store, I have "Will Run for Beer" and many other funny ones, you can see them here. I think the white embroidery on the black visor looks great, I'm pretty happy with how these are turning out. We just received a big shipment of kids t-shirts and they are completely adorable, I might have to convert one for my dog to wear since I don't have any kids. Do you think Marshall will wear purple? I'll have the kids tees up next week, you can order a custom tee from me now but I'll have cute "My Daddy is Faster Than Your Daddy" tees next week.

I've also been working on accepting credit cards and google checkout on my web site. Soon I will have the web site I've always dreamed of! I'm glad I've put the time in on this and I am so close to being done.

This weekend should be outstanding. We have nothing planned except attending Bill's graduation on Sunday and perhaps a post grad party for a friend of mine afterwards. Otherwise we will be hanging with the funny farm and doing yard work. SWEET! Last night I was out watering the flowers (which was a good idea since it rained today) and Ms. Kitty was hanging out by me, just laying down and being chill when El Diablo struts over and lays on top of her. I waited for Ms Kitty to fight back or for Cassie to attack further but she seemed content to just smother her. Have you ever seen two cats laying on top of each other like a kitty sandwich next to someone with a hose spraying water? Well I've seen it and it's weird. I'll try to get some pics for you next time.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The graduate and the hen

I think our hill climb is about to level out. Today is Bill's last big day of school, he has a 10 page paper due in Family Business and a final exam tonight in Finance and if all goes well he will graduate with honors with a Master's in Business Administration. The past 9 months have been crazy. I encouraged Bill to network so he joined the Sustainability Board of Directors and had regular evening meetings for that group and he also completed a master's recycling program which was more evening classes weekly. This past term he took a "sustainable business" course at UofO which is about 45 minutes from Corvallis so he made that drive twice a week too. I really haven't seen much of Bill since we got married.

But he did it! He squeezed a two year program in one year and managed to get through it with good humor and a lot of late nights. It is going to be great to get my husband back and I hope to hear more about everything he's learned, we haven't had much time to talk. Next will be a job search with the hope that he can find something near my beloved Corvallis. I love this place, he will have to drag me elsewhere kicking and screaming.

This weekend we will start planning our drive home from Pheonix in the new Jeep! Bill's parents are selling us their slightly used Jeep Grand Cherokee and we need to drive it back from Arizona. The Jeep will be a nice step up for us, it has a navigation system and a DVD player so I'll watch movies in the back while Bill drives. SWEET! We've been "poor" for so long the prospect of both of us working and having a fancy car makes my head spin. We are talking about seeing Yosemite and Lake Tahoe on our trip home. Yeah! I've never driven that far so we'll see if I like road trips.

Clomid update: I think the stuff is working. I feel like a hen in need of a roost, my ovaries are heavy and I'm bloated, I don't know how I swam yesterday. Best of all: I got my first ever positive ovulation test! Two lines! TWO LINES! I've taken over 40 tests and I've never gotten two lines!!!! I feel like crying just thinking about it, that's probably the drugs talking but who cares if I'm half hysterical. 2 lines! We might have a fighting chance at getting pregnant now. :) Thanks for reading this nonsense.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Swim meet

(That's me in blue, I think I need to work on my response time). We had a swimming meet to finish off this term of our faculty/staff swim class at OSU. Coach started the year off with a bad meet: 200 fly, 1650 free, and 400 IM. This final term was much easier, we just did 200s as relays in all of the strokes ending with everyone racing 25 free. The class was divided in 1/2, Bill was put on the orange team with another fast swimmer who just finished swimming in the collegiate program here at OSU. I was on the black team which was full of average and solid swimmers so it was us against the team with the ringers on it. The ringers beat us in the final event but overall we averaged better and won so YES! I was on a team that beat Bill. Of course I didn't swim much so I can't take a whole lot of credit but I'll rub it in his face anyway.

I think we're ready for summer now!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Blue Lake Triathlon 2007

I did quite a bit of scrambling to get ready to be a vendor for the two day Blue Lake triathlon which is the largest race I've done so far. We didn't have as much traffic through the vendor area as I would have liked, on Saturday it dumped rain so only age group contenders stuck around for awards and on Sunday the Olympic race was a qualifier for Nationals so everyone had their race face on and looked exhausted after the race. I did make a lot of sales for those who stopped by my booth but not enough people stopped by for me to justify the expense the organizer charged for me to be a vendor there. I think I will try to return here in July for the all-women triathlon but other events I will have to think about.

(The entryway of our house has been a tribabe disaster for the past month) The newborn baby tees were a hit as were the "SWIM BIKE RUN BE FABULOUS" ladies tees and they are both fun to sell so I was happy to be there. We had to get up at 4am both Saturday and Sunday to drive up to Portland for the event and thank goodness Bill is an excellent morning driver because I am totally useless in the morning. After the race we drove home, ate, showered, and slept until dinner time then we went to bed. Friday night we stayed up and watched "The Departed" an excellent Leo DeCaprio movie (I have a thing for him) and we both recommend it but maybe not to watch the night before an early wake up call.

On Sunday Bill raced the Olympic distance race while I played vendor again. I got to see him come into the transition area after the swim and he was positioned well but that was about it for him, his bike split was not competitive and then his run was about 5 minutes slower than what it should be as his lower back seized up and his ankle started aching immediately. I think the lack of training showed up and he got smacked down. But still, since his last race he had biked once, run once (I made him) and swam once and he was still 14th out of 56 people in his division.

School is finished this week (WOOOO HOOO!) so he will have more time to train while he looks for a job. He is scheduled for Pacific Crest 1/2 Ironman in two weeks so that will be interesting... The OSU Triathlon Club pays for member's races so Bill has been racing for free this season and he couldn't say no to the races at that price and this will be his last time as a student so I didn't fight him on it too much. I might have to say something if he's still icing his ankle next week before the race. He has had two ankle surgeries since playing college soccer and I'm not going to quietly watch him injure himself again doing tris. I can't wait to go to Bend though for Pac Crest and then the week after that we are off to Pheonix... in July. We're crazy.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm in the baby business!

Finally, some good baby news for me, not exactly what I want but hey, cute is cute and I'll take cute over nothing at all. I'll get these loaded on my web site soon...

A must have for every newborn

My mommy is smoking fast!

No pressure!

I do have blank tees for custom orders up on my web site so I'll get these ones up next. If you know someone who is expecting these will make a great gifts. I know a certain someone in Austin, TX who will be getting the very first one. Coming soon... newborn beanies! Exclamation points!!! I love this stuff.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I got called lazy

There is a girl's night out in the works for this Friday and the woman planning it suggested that we have a potluck and then all walk downtown to have drinks and then walk home. Downtown is about 3 miles from our neighborhood so it would be about 6 miles round trip of walking. I know myself well and on Friday nights the only thing I'm interested in is dinner and some time on the couch.

I haven't met most of the ladies going on this night out and when one of them heard I didn't want to walk downtown (I was going to bike or help be designated driver) she wanted to know who the lazy person was that didn't want to walk 6 miles to drink beer.

I think I'm going to bail on the girl's night out now, I've got to get up at 4am to drive up to Portland for the Blue Lake triathlon. I'm kind of tired thinking about it. Maybe that go-getter lady would like to help me out with sales this weekend ;) Oh crap, I think the hormones are kicking in!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The conversation that goes nowhere

(Cassie helping me blog) Yesterday was crazy, I was busy at work all day, then designed a banner for the booth, walked the dog, went to dinner at a friends and then did inventory on my products and prepared a bunch of stuff for embroidery before finally getting in bed at 10pm. I decided that I'm going to be too busy this week and that I need a stress break NOW so I recruited my pal Sarah and we're going to get pedicures on our lunch break. It was the one thing I could think of to do that would relax me without putting me to sleep or stressing me out even more. When I told Bill, "I'm getting a pedicure on my lunch break." He stopped, stared blankly, and then said absolutely nothing.

Bill has been a college student for 85% of our relationship (this is his 2nd master's degree) so the word pedicure does not compute to him with his student budget. So I helped him along and said, "You hope I enjoy it and that I find it relaxing." He said, "yes, yes, I hope you have a good time." and he walked off in stunned silence. School will be done in two weeks and let me tell ya, it can't get here soon enough. I don't know that starting off our first year of marriage together with an intensive MBA program was the most romantic choice for us but he's almost done so I expect more romance soon. Speaking of romance, the fertility drug has been alright, I'm warm today and slightly moody (see above paragraph) but no one has been harmed yet in this experimental hormonal treatment. Although Bill does seem strangely quiet.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Surfing dog

(zoom in on this pic and see the guy on the hill behind me falling on his butt) Wow! We had a great weekend but wow! I am busy! Next weekend we will be at Blue Lake up near Portland for the entire weekend. I will be a vendor for two days, Saturday is the sprint race and Sunday is the olympic distance race and Bill is racing Sunday. Typically there are about 1500 people there for the weekend so I'm really hoping sales go well, I had to up my inventory, buy credit card processing stuff, and I'm scrambling to get a vinyl sign ready in time. I am providing awards for the overall winners of each of the races (both tri and duathlons) so I'm really excited to be adding value to the event. I guess I will be working all week at the day job and then all weekend at the tri. It's a good thing we have a vacation planned for the end of the month!

Sunday was so fun, I get incredible joy from our dog, he's just Cool. We took him to the coast and he ran on the beach playing soccer with Bill using a tennis ball but Marshall wanted to go in the water so Bill threw the ball out there and that dog was totally surfing in the waves. The water off the Oregon coast is COLD but it didn't slow him down, he jumped right in the surf and retrieved his ball. He's a much faster runner than last year when were last here (he was 6 months old then) so he put some serious moves on Bill when they played soccer. Bill played in college at Indiana so he has moves (they're rusty but they are moves) but the dog made him look like an old man. Fun for me!

Friends, this week is going to be challenging. I was asleep on the couch last night by 9pm. Do not watch that "Planet Earth" show with no lights on! The soothing voice over and music in the background are a killer. Plus it can give you freaky dreams. They seem to find the most disgusting creatures to feature on those shows. The vampire octupus really got me good, I wouldn't be surprised if that thing was responsible for alien activity. It had weird eyes! Freaky! It makes my skin crawl. Don't watch the Deep Sea series, you have been warned.

Here's a video of Marshall at the beach:

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Where's the water!?

Friday after work we went to happy hour and I enjoyed a final martini, at least that's how much I enjoyed drinking it, if we get pregnant this month then it will be a long, long time until my next Pink Sink. It was glorious! The weather here has been HOT but I think it will rain again next week which is good, my roses are coming in as well as everything else in the yard and we had to water this week. Saturday Bill went on an early AM bike ride and I took the dog on a hike in the woods. In the afternoon I babysat for a friend for a few hours and took the baby to the park. It was very relaxing, all of my friends seem to have adorable babies, which should calm me but I have this feeling that our kids will be terrors. Bill has a ton of energy and a smart mouth and the same could be said for me so we are going to have a lot to learn.

It's Sunday and we're taking our spoiled dog to the coast for some beach time and then we're hitting the Columbia outlet store to stock up on shorts and wicking shirts. Columbia brand clothes used to be too bulky on me but now that I'm not running and gained some weight they fit better. It is what it is, I'm a size 6 now and my size 4 stuff will have to wait post-baby. I hope.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Moving On Up

The remodeling has started on our offices at OSU and I'm getting excited to move in to my new space which is bigger than my old space (and I wasn't complaining about that office either). That's my new office with the big window (yes!) We move back in mid-June if construction stays on pace. I'll let you know. Other moving on up news: it looks like I will be a vendor at Blue Lake triathlon this year (1500 racers) and I'm looking at several other larger triathlons too. I just ordered some baby t-shirts and hats today and we will get them embroidered with "FUTURE TRIATHLETE" and "MY MOMMY/DADDY DOES TRIATHLONS". Can't wait to get those! I also ordered some anti-stink wicking tees for men so I'll let you know when those get here, probably early next week. I guess we'll get "SMELL ME I DON'T STINK" on those tees. Just kidding.

This is the first weekend I haven't had a race in several weeks so I'm looking forward to doing some yard work and cleaning my filthy house. And cuddling animals and wondering when my husband will be done with his MBA so we can hang out again. We are both totally over him being in grad school. DONE! Just a few more weeks and then I'll remember what Bill looks like. Hope I still like him. Kidding! HA HA! As long as he bbq's steak and rubs my shoulders then he can stay. ;)

Fitness and Fertility

Ran into a friend at the park last night and he mentioned this article about fertility in US News and World Report. Earlier this year I did a bunch of research on exercise and fertility and the studies I read all said that exercise was fine as long as you eat. It's women who are starving that have problems conceiving not women who exercise. I think they need to do more studies but they are probably far more obese people than fit people trying to get pregnant so I won't hold my breath.

"Fitness and fertility
By Sarah Baldauf
Posted 9/29/06

Being in great physical shape doesn't guarantee pregnancy, and it may even reduce the odds for certain women using in vitro fertilization treatments.

Research published today in the October issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology found that women who exercised four or more hours per week–and had done so for the previous one to nine years–were 40 percent less likely to have a baby after their first IVF treatment than if they hadn't exercised. Surprisingly, however, women who had followed a rigorous fitness regimen for 10 to 30 years were just as likely to end up with a baby as women who didn't exercise.

Excessive exercise can stress a woman's reproductive system, causing her body to "protect" it from a pregnancy it's not prepared to maintain–perhaps by causing subtle hormonal changes, theorizes Mark Hornstein, senior researcher and clinical director of reproductive endocrinology at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. Why does the effect seem to wear off after 10 years? "We don't have a good answer for that," says Hornstein. "It may be that the body accommodates."

A closer look at the data showed that intense cardiovascular exercise such as running, bicycling, or stair climbing was especially detrimental to IVF outcomes. Women who did cardio for four or more hours per week for one to nine years were 50 percent less likely to have a successful pregnancy after their first IVF treatment than the women who didn't work out at all.

The findings were based on questionnaires given to 2,232 women before they underwent their first IVF cycle at one of three Boston-area clinics between 1994 and 2003.

It has long been known that a link exists between infertility and the intense physical activity common to professional athletes. "The ovaries are exquisitely sensitive," says Laurence Jacobs, reproductive endocrinologist and instructor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Illinois, who explains that neither extreme physical fitness nor lack of exercise leading to extra pounds is ideal for pregnancy. Many of his highly fit patients seeking fertility treatment are shocked at how difficult it is for them to get pregnant. For those women, he recommends reducing workouts to 30 minutes a day. Most are willing to do whatever it takes to help them get pregnant, but a small number prefer to keep up their avid pace. "It's their therapy."

The data should not be interpreted as a reason for women seeking IVF treatment to stop exercising altogether. "It's an important part of their life–it's a good part," explains Hornstein, who hopes the research will inspire other studies that investigate and decode the hormonal changes caused by varying degrees of exercise."