Sunday, April 29, 2007

How to enjoy the sun in Oregon

I planned to blog earlier but I still feel like crap, I'm wondering if it's not dehydration or an electrolyte imbalance. Since I'm avoiding sugar I can't figure out anything to drink except water and milk so I'm relenting on the anti-sugar thing and drinking Gatorade right now. Maybe Saturday was too much fun...

The alarm went off at 5:30am and I staggered out of bed, trying to get Bill up with me. He said something like, "Turn the light off, I'll get up by 6:30." The problem with that was I supposed to be there at 6:30 so the light stayed on and Bill got out of bed. The Western Oregon University Triathlon was held at WOU in Monmouth, Oregon which is about 20 miles north of Corvallis. It's strange that OSU, UofO, and WOU are all within a 60 mile radius, I guess if you need educated in Oregon you are most likely to live in the Willamette Valley.

WOU is much smaller than OSU, even the pool was smaller (tiny really) but the people were nice and the event was well run. Bill's heat was last so he helped me set up my tribabe stand and off he went to pre-ride the 10 mile bike course which is actually 10 miles farther than he's ridden his triathlon bike in the past month. I closed down my shop so I could watch Bill's heat do the 500 yard swim and he seemed to be fine in the water. He led his lane of 3 swimmers and the guy behind him stuck to his feet the entire swim and then went on to win the race (bummer for Bill).

I had to go back to my stand so I didn't see Bill again until after the race. He came back covered with sweat and quite red in the face but he was fine, he was 6-7 minutes off the winner's time and about 10th overall and 2nd in his division. It's likely his worst result in a sprint ever but he was happy with it as he hasn't trained since last September and was still competitive enough to be in the mix. I hope this motivates him to train more now, he defends his master's project next Friday so his schedule should open up quite a bit now.

After the race we went to Casey and Bridgette's for a party over in Salem. They have a beautiful old house and a 6 hole disc golf course on their property and host a huge bash every year. The weather was great, Lonnie brewed 2 kegs of beer, and everyone had a great time. I wasn't too energetic but I enjoyed watching some of the ultra cute kids and dogs while Bill ran around playing in a disc golf tournament all afternoon. We made it home about 7:30 pm so it was quite a long day but really fun. I can see summer just around the corner! We have similar plans for next weekend and the next 3 weeks after that so it's good we enjoy this stuff because we are going to be busy!

Trophies from disc golf tournament

Bill playing disc golf

The best way to enjoy sunshine in Oregon

Friday, April 27, 2007

freaky low blood pressure

Ah well, I think I might be anemic again. I was light headed all day and I've been more fatigued this week so I NEED A STEAK STAT. In swim class today coach had us warm up nicely and said "get out of the pool" which he loves to do on Fridays. The race sets weren't bad at all: 100, 50 of each stroke, then 100 again at 1st 100 pace. I got out the pool, sat down, and didn't get back up until everyone was done. I just felt fatigued and sick and alternated between being cold and really warm. Ah.

When I got home after work and I tried to pull weeds in the back yard with Bill but every time I stood up I got light headed so Bill told me to go lay down in the house. We have a blood pressure machine to track Bill's blood pressure, he has high blood pressure that we have to track, so I used the machine and I was 89 systolic over 63 diastolic (I think that's right). We looked up normal ranges online and normal systolic is 90-120 so I'm a little low. Just in case I'm dehydrated I salted my dinner (Bill made vegetable lasagna which is yummy but I need blood!) and drank a bunch of water.

I missed my multivitamin yesterday so I'm getting back on that and getting some red meat tomorrow. I feel like a vampire so hide yourselves, night is falling...

Hey! Bill is testing his race shoes out right now, he's a good 10 pounds heavier than his typical weight so it should be a good time tomorrow. I'll give you all a report after the race. Wish him luck!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The night life

(Marshall is always happy to see me come home) When I get home after 8 hours of work there is one thing I can guarantee: the dog is ready for a walk the minute I get get in the door. Luckily we live 3 blocks away from Willamette Park which follows the river for about 2 miles so I don't mind it much at all. There are nice trails and plenty of off leash areas so Marshall is one lucky dog. We usually run into friends at the park or some people we don't know that recognize Marshall and are pleasant to us. It definitely feels like a nice neighborhood and that people are happy to be here and I don't know anyone who is originally from Oregon so most people come here for a reason: they want to live in Oregon.

Today I will have walked approx. 4 miles and biked 6 which is nothing compared to what I used to do when training for triathlons, but I still get in at least an hour of exercise a day so I don't feel too starved for exercise. The nice weather is kind of killing me right now, I'm highly tempted to mtn bike although one hard uphill and I might get over that urge. After the dog walk I meander about the back yard to see what needs to be done, the weather is awesome right now with sun and a high of 70. Baby Girl shadows me around the yard and acts cute, it's really hard to get anything done with her hopping around.

(my favorite ground cover blooming in the back yard) Bill has class tonight so I get to cook dinner for myself and then I have to get busy cutting out Powerdry hats to sell at the Western Oregon University Triathlon this Saturday. Tonight I will cut and sew the basic shape of about 20 hats and then tomorrow I will finish them and organize the rest of my inventory (race belts, towels, sweatshirts, and more hats). Saturday we will be up at 5:30 am to get ready for the race, Bill is racing which will be a hoot considering I have exercised more than he has this week (and last week and the week before that). I don't know how his ego will handle the result, to go from racing the Hawaii Ironman to doing nothing is a pretty hard fall. I think he's counting on his genetics on Saturday because it certainly isn't his training!

(Ms. Kitty and Cassie kissing) I had some fun earlier in the week, I went out twice (wow!) after work but in general, this is what I do and I like it very much. I have no need at all for city life. I was in Seattle for 3 years, living in trendy loft near Alki Beach, working downtown in a sky scraper and running around with crazy chicks but it really didn't do much for me at all in terms of self satisfaction. This life in small town Oregon is very nice. Even though I work a decent amount I can't say that I feel like I'm missing anything, except kids. Bill should get home soon so I better get cracking. All photos were taken today, so I guess I should add blogging to the list of things I do each day. I write fast and I know there are spelling and grammar errors so sorry readers! I couldn't fit this cow in earlier but I saw him while walking at noon, isn't he gorgeous!

A Day in the Life

(Cassie bird watching) On a typical day we would wake up to the sound of animals stirring, usually around 6am which earlier than the alarm goes off (grrr). Yes, all three animals usually sleep in the bedroom with us but only Baby Girl aka Cassie aka El Diablo ends up on the bed these days (Bill mandate). Today wasn't typical because I woke up at 6:50am to find myself on the edge of the bed with Marshall dog sprawled out across the king size bed and no evidence of my husband having ever come to bed. He was up late working on a paper and slept for 3 hours in the guest room (Hotel B as he likes to brag). Bill was already awake and at the computer--he had let me sleep in which is great except I have to go to work and now I'm running late.

(Marshall wakes up Ms. Kitty) I get ready fast everyday: shower, dress, eat, fix hair and put on minimal make up in around 1/2 an hour. The funny farm is always good for morning entertainment, Cassie likes to bird watch out the window and Marshall comes in while I'm blowing my hair dry and wants his own hair brushed. Bill and Marshall see me off every morning, on non-rainy days I bike 3 miles to work at Oregon State University. My route is nice, all of it is on bike lanes except one road that is clearly marked and has a low speed limit. I pass the park where our wedding reception was held and lock my commuter bike in front of my office building. If I drive in I don't pay for parking so I have to find a spot amongst student housing which can suck so I have lots of incentive to bike commute (including my pink helmet and cute Sherpani messenger bag).

(Bike commuting on Crystal Lake Drive) I work in the main administrative building in the department that oversees research on campus. My job consists of web development, data analysis and some technical computer support for the 24 people in our group. I have my own office with a door and a large window that looks out to the gymnastics bldg and the library. Currently I am testing some software that we are looking to customize to track research compliance for the campus. I'm also helping with the planning of a remodel at our office which is fun but I'm going to have to move out of my space for six weeks during the remodel which starts in a few weeks.

(My office at OSU) Every morning I listen to NPR Morning Edition while I work and then Pandora for the rest of the day which keeps my mind focused. At home I like quiet but when I'm at the computer I need distractions to stay focused and I am at the computer most of the day. When I'm not pressed for time I walk to the hippie coffee place and get a cup of organic brew (decaf now) or occasionally I'll go the dorm across the street where you can buy a freshly baked croissant for $1 and get a free cup of coffee on Tues/Thurs. Campus dining is cheap but I usually bring a lunch as I have my own mini fridge under my desk (put there back when I was Ironman training and ate constantly).

(Hippie coffee shop--click to zoom in and see real live hippies!) At lunch I either go to masters swim class (MWF) or walk (TR) downtown to the river or out to the covered bridge bike path with a friend. She is a formerly active person (road and mtn biker) who is trying to get pregnant too so we have plenty to talk about. She knows a lot of great trails from her mtn biking days so she has shown me around the hills quite a bit. When I first started walking with her she walked so fast my legs were sore and I wasn't that far removed from running regularly so she's kind of hard core still. She likes to go on hikes that are 6+ miles so I sometimes I end up napping after hanging out with her. Wait until after she has her first baby, she's going to be a tornado.

The campus is in bloom and I can barely breath from allergies but I love it! More on my after work life later tonight...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Beautiful friend

I love living in a college town, for many reasons, but one of the best reasons is that I think you can find people who aren't too self conscious to have an intellectual conversation. A friend of mine, a former co-worker that became a friend, stopped by my office right before 5pm tonight and asked if I had time to grab a drink. Since I'm not pregnant and not training (always the excuse in the past) I said let's go. So off we went to my favorite martini spot, Big River. MMMMmmm! Tonight I had a limoncello martini which I believe means very stiff lemon flavored alcohol.

Anyway, my friend is in her late 40s and quite attractive and is really one of those women you meet and don't think about her age, she looks great. She is single and going to school and is a great person to have a drink with because she loves a good conversation. So after much flirting with the extremely cute waiter (her, not me) she told me that there is so much beauty in the world and that we should appreciate it. Tell people they are beautiful and be beautiful ourselves.

She said a friend recently told her, "Do you know you are beautiful?" and she said "Yes, I do" which caused them both to laugh hysterically but what she realized is that she does try to look good because she it gives other people pleasure. She knows people enjoy seeing her look good, so, she does her hair and puts on some make up and is the best version of herself that she can be and other people enjoy that about her.

Before I came to Corvallis I had a strange conversation with another co-worker that I really looked up to, she was very popular at work and successful in her career. She stopped by my office one day before lunch and I had my camera out and was going to take some pics on my lunch break and she said, "You workout, you are thin, you are a musician, AND you are into photography? I think I hate you." She didn't really hate me, but I got the message.

I think I have a decent grasp on my place in the world, I try to do a lot of different things and I am slightly above average at most of them. There's room to improve and lots of things to improve at, and I'm good with that most of the time. I do get frustrated when I don't have time to do everything I want to do but otherwise I feel like there is a lot out there in this world that I need to try and be mediocre at!

Anyway, I feel like I gained some insight into something that is important to me so I'm glad I went out with my beautiful friend. My lesson to myself: don't apologize for being whatever form of fabulous you are. Just be as good as you can be and hopefully people won't tell you they hate you. (I hope, that messed me up for a while).

Monday, April 23, 2007


On Saturday Bill met some friends for disc golf and while I made dinner and got the house ready for company. We had some friends over for enchiladas and bought a gigantic chocolate cake from Costco for Bill's birthday which was enjoyed especially by our friend Simon. The guys were 2.5 hours late to dinner so poor Simon was eating cake an hour past his bedtime. He seems fine here though, what a cutie!

On Sunday Marshall and I spent some time trying to decide if our new couches are really as comfortable as we thought they were and after several hours of reading and watching TV, the verdict is yes, the couches are quite comfortable. We did watch some Planet Earth shows and after seeing sharks hunt seals Bill said he wanted to take me snorkeling in South Africa. He is SO in love with me, I'm such a lucky girl.

Bill skipped the triathlon on Sunday because it was cold and raining but he's signed up for one next weekend and we have triathlons on the calendar every weekend for the next four weeks. Getting up at 5 am should be routine by the end of May. Blah!

Today is Bill's 37th birthday (officially) so I'm meeting him at the pool on my lunch break and he's swimming 37x100 on 1:30. I'll do less since I am younger (and slower). It's always nice to start your week off facing your inadequacies so off to the pool for me!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Planet Earth marathon on Discovery Channel

On Sunday the Discovery Channel will be showing all of the "Planet Earth" shows throughout the day. If you haven't heard about the series yet, it is renowned for its stunning images and people are really raving about it. We are going to DVR all of them and watch them over the next month, even the one where the polar bear dies which I'm sure will cause me much sobbing.

On the topic of Earth Day, we recently watched "An Inconvenient Truth" and even though I was not wanting to spend an hour and half hearing a bunch of gloom and doom, what it came down to is that there are simple things we can all do now that can make an impact. I realize that there are bigger problems with the economy, war, health care and poverty and that our lifestyles are not sustainable, but when it comes to the environment I think we need to see the forest but focus on the trees or the smaller things that we can do because frankly, it's too easy not to do these things. Here are some reminders:

-Replace a regular incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb (cfl)
-Turn off electronic devices you’re not using
-Be sure you’re recycling at home
-Bring your own (organic cotton) bag when shopping
-Choose energy efficient appliances when making new purchases
-Buy locally grown and produced foods
-Avoid heavily packaged products

Bill is taking course on sustainable business and is much more dedicated to the environment so I try to learn from him and keep my mind open to a different way of living.

Friday, April 20, 2007

How Adult

Our new couches arrived while I was away so I got to come home and test them for comfort. The rating: a solid 9 out of 10. The fabric feels good, cushions are firm and the pillows give it just the right amount of laz-ability. I do like to laze about on a good couch. Can't beat it actually. I'm still working on what to put on the walls, Bill won't let me hang anything on the facing wall because his dad might give us his big screen TV. Bill sees wall hangings as permanent and I see them in flux so we have a battle there since he is the official picture hanger and I am the official picture buyer.

It's Bill's birthday weekend so I'll back off for now... Bill is talking about jumping into a sprint triathlon this weekend having done almost zero training. He rode his mtn bike 2.5 miles to the store this week, swam twice (and was really late to practice) and I think he might have ran once while I was out of town. He says he just wants to see how he would do with no training. I think it's going to hurt, bad, but if he that's what he wants for his birthday then race on honey. I'll give you a report if he does it!

Rhododendrons are blooming here so I violated this one yesterday on my lunch break to get these photos. There are more in my photo album and I think I'll be posting even more later because I am having a real thing with spring this year. Maybe I should print some of these to hang on the wall in the living room?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Emmanuel's Gift

I hope I can motivate you to get this amazing DVD about a disabled man from Ghana who used his disability to inspire people to think differently about what disabled people are capable of achieving. The movie also features the stunning story of Jim MacLaren, an athletic man who was hit by a bus but went on to break a record at Ironman Hawaii and inspired the creation of the Challeneged Athlete's Foundation (CAF). I had heard of CAF from Sarah Reinersten's story that was covered extensively by NBC during the Ironman coverage the past two years. I thought CAF was a nice idea and beneficial to the athlete's it sponsors but after seeing this movie I see that challenged athlete's can actually do more to change society than able bodied athletes.

If you think Lance Armstrong riding a bike is inspiring then this movie will show you what a man who lives on $2 a day and has one leg is capable of doing. It's amazing, I hope you watch this movie soon!

Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah was born in Ghana, with a deformed right leg and meager expectations. Refusing to beg, he was able to become self-sufficient in a society where the disabled (almost 10 percent of the population) are abandoned … shunned … and hopeless.

To show his countrymen that disability doesn’t mean inability, he pedaled a bike donated by CAF 610 km (379 miles) around Ghana using only his left leg. Now able to stand on two feet (thanks to an operation and a high-tech prosthetic donated by Loma Linda University Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Institute), he works vigorously to ensure that opportunities are available to all physically challenged Ghanaians.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I had a wonderful time at tri camp again this year and I am happy to be home with the funny farm and appreciate the good cheer that my husband and animals give me.

Meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends was totally worth it and I feel renewed and motivated to keep-on-keeping-on and trying to become a better version of myself. We had some great conversations this past weekend and one thing I am contemplating is the topic of warts! One of the girls said there are people who don't ever want you to see their warts, or they point you to one specific wart and say, "Look at this wart! What do you think of that?" but really it's just a tactic to get you to not see their other warts.

Hmmm. I don't know if I want to see people's warts and if they are looking for mine, are they easy to spot? There's a free podcast on "This American Life" called "My Reputation" and it's stories about people who discover what others think of them is not what they think of themselves. Something to consider. I had some wart spotting incidents last year during our wedding that I'm still not over and I am certain now that things would be better for everyone if the warts stayed hidden. I know, our flaws are what make us unique, but can't we all just be unique in positive ways? I guess not.

I try not to underestimate the value of a positive attitude which I think is especially important when surrounded by turmoil. The things that are beyond our control, such as the shootings at Virginia Tech are terrifying because we trust in eachother that things like this won't happen, but they do, and what can be done about it?

Whatever you believe, I hope that you find comfort in it and that you will be gentle to those around you and appreciate the life that you are privledged to lead.

Oh, and if you're still reading... we're 0-5 on trying to get pregnant. I hope I have something positive to share with you soon.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Ladies of Slowtwitch Triathlon Training Camp Day 3

(girls wishing Monty's pool was open for a swim) Day 3 was the long ride day and since some of the girls are Ironman training the ride was not going to be easy. Of course the wind wasn't cooperating (gusts of up to 39 mph) so it wasn't an easy Saturday ride for anyone. One of the girls got blown over on the bike and I drove a SAG wagon after cutting my own ride short (I didn't bring a bike but Dan hooked me up with one out of his stable). Luckily I knew the route after riding it last year and apparently I came at just the right moment because Amie had just said, "I don't want to be negative but this ride sucks! If there was a SAG wagon, I would jump in." I drove up two minutes later which none of them knew I was coming so I made some new friends that day! Two hours in the wind feels like 3 1/2 hours on a breezy day so I think the girls who got in the van left their pride aside and did the reasonable thing by getting in the van.

(movie set you pass on bike ride)After I drove the first crew back up the mtn I went back down with cookies and water for the survivors. I found Hallie and Jen at the bottom of the mtn chugging a Red Bull so they could make the final climb. They had been riding 4 mph and needed an extra boost, but they didn't want in the van, they needed to ride it up. I retreived two more wind blown souls and heard that Cathy and Dawn were out for an extra loop. Cathy has Ironman Brazil in 6 weeks and Dawn is training for Lake Placid and they were determined to do the miles.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we were eating warm stew, sitting in the hot tub and hanging out with Monty. I talked a few people into going to Devil's Punchbowl for a hike/run and it was windy as hell there too so we were only out for about 1.5 hours. Monty was making lasagna for dinner so we watched some old triathlon videos and tried to ignore our grumbling tummies. Dinner was excellent, of course and afterwards we all got together in the living room for the annual gift exchange. This year Amie brought presents from David and Goliath and we all went around the room and picked one person to give a gift to and said something nice about them. Everyone got a gift, including Monty (a hat that says "Sorry ladies I only date models) and Bjorn who randomly got a magnet that said "Boys like me because I'm pretty" which made the entire room ROAR with laughter. Bjorn Andersen is a total sweetheart, but he's a little shy and not used to a room full of rowdy girls. I asked Bjorn if he had ever ridden bikes with girls before and his answer was "no" so yeah, some day Bjorn will have some things to learn.

After the gift exchange Heather from "Too Fast" sports drink gave out samples and Lauren gave out FRS drink. Then pro triathlete Erin Ford (she just switched to 70.3) came out with a bunch of her gear and said "here you go, take whatever fits you!" so we got a bunch of free pro tri gear! Of course, she's a size XS but I was able to score a tri top and shorts which was a total thrill for me. Yeah Erin!

I passed around hats from my web store and the girls were psyched to get Polartec Powerdry skull caps to wear on cold days. The freebies were flowing and everyone was in good cheer. Most of the ladies were exhausted from the long day so we hit bed relatively early and slept like logs. The next day was the last day of camp and most of us were leaving so sad goodbyes were in store for us Sunday morning.

Punkin in her most fashionable outfit for the girls weekend...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ladies of Slowtwitch Triathon Training Camp Day 2

Day 2 was a swim, bike, run, hot tub, shopping and margaritas day which is a perfect day in tribabe land! After swimming we had lunch at a small restaurant (they had to call in for a cook when our party of 15 arrived) and the food was amazing and Emilo picked up the check (SWEET) so there wasn't a complaint to be had. We had to rest our bulging bellies so most girls logged on to Monty's wireless network with their laptops (we did all meet on the internet) and relaxed for a few hours before heading out on a run.

A large group drove out to Devil's Punchbowl for a run and some of us stayed behind and ran from here. I stayed back with Cathy and QRGirl and went out for a walk while they ran. We were able to secure the first spots in the hot tub and QRGirl had the foresight to bring wine glasses and a nice bottle to the hot tub with her so we were able to relax and enjoy the sunset. Monty made salmon and tritip steak for dinner and I noticed several girls taking turns squeezing limes. Uh oh. Dinner was excellent and since it was Dawn and Lauren's birthday we had an idea that some cake might be coming too. Sweet!

Emilo Desoto tallked up his margarita making skills so after dinner a round of lime margaritas that he called "Ecstasy" were handed out and the party was started properly. Next Emilio came out with several bags of clothes from his line of tri apparel and started off by giving us all logo trucker hats. woo hoo! Then he showed us his new line, including skimpy bikinis and we persuaded some of the braver girls to model for us. I think the margaritas got some booty shaking going (Lauren said if she wore that outfit she would have to shake her booty when she crossed the finish line) and several crazy photos were taken.

Emilio offered to sell us any of the stuff he brought at a huge discount and I think we nearly cleared him out of stock in about 15 minutes flat. Desoto's trishorts are amazing and the transition bags he brought were seriously top notch. Unfortunately, I already had both but I didn't have a long sleeve polypro top so I got one for Bill and I for winter sports. girls + margaritas + shopping = serious damage. Emilo is a wise man.

After the shopping spree Bjorn brought out a birthday cake for the Dawn and Lauren and we sang loudly for the them and devoured most of the cake without a problem. There are so many new girls here this year that I won't be able to describe each one of them to you but they are a fun group and there isn't an uptight or mean girl here. They wouldn't bother to come, thank goodness! When Dawn came last year she could barely ride her bike up the hill to the house and this year she went out for two 4+ hour bike rides, mostly by herself. She is training for an Ironman and looks great! Of course there are a few of us who went in the opposite direction (me) but priorities change and the most important thing is that you enjoy life. Life, enjoyed, check! Next: day 3 gets really crazy!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Ladies of Slowtwitch Triathlon Camp Day 1.5

Everything was going great, I made it up to Portland in time to catch my flight, found QRGirl at the airport and got on the plane on time, had a nice flight and were about to land when the bottom fell out... or maybe it was my stomach that fell out when we hit some rough turbulance and I barely stopped myself from grabbing QRirl's hand for a praying session. But we lived so I guess it wasn't that dramatic.

Long story short on the travel: we picked up Bjorn and hit In and Out Burger (for the first time) before we headed into the hills for Xantusia. I think the ladies were anxious to find out where Bjorn was because I got a phone call when we were almost there. I'm pretty sure it wasn't me that they were concerned about ;)

(Jen and Monica with dueling Felt B2s) After much socializing we went out for a quick walk in the wind and made it back in time for a BBQ chicken dinner. Cathy went around the room passing out glasses of wine and everyone looked relaxed and happy. We have a larger crew this year and I think the trouble will be coming along with the margaritas. Emilio DeSoto is here with a bunch of triathlon apparel and I heard he makes 11 different types of margaritas. I think he'll fit right in as a cabana boy at ladies weekend. We passed out hoodies for the girls, took some photos, drank more wine, and laughed at old video of Monty and Emilio racing.

It sounded like the ladies slept well, none of us have to share a bed here even though there at about 15 ladies here this weekend. It's quite the compound here at Xantusia. After some coffee and danishes the ladies went out for a bike ride while I held down the fort here. I get to tell everyone about how I might be pregnant and that I'm taking it easy so everyone knows my business. Last year when I came to camp I was hoping for an engagement ring and it just so happened that my boyfriend was out shopping while I was away. This year I'm hoping for a pregnancy so if I come home pregnant from tri camp I will come back next year and hope for 10 million dollars!

After the bike ride we went swimming at a local pool and had a great time. I got a bunch of girls together (and Emilio) and we challenged Bjorn to a race. 6 girls (and Emilio) sprinted 25 yards against Bjorn and somehow he won although I'm certain I was leading for a while. I'll post more tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The trials and tribulations of a tribabe

I now have hoodies in my web store!!! You can order a hooded sweatshirt and have anything embroidered on it for yourself, your club, your training partners, etc. We purchased a brand that we like and the selection of colors is excellent. I will offer a discount for bulk orders so contact me if you are interested! Check them out in my web store (we even have PINK)!

I'm trying to get packed for triathlon camp this weekend and man, multisport travel is complicated! You've got your swim, bike, run (or in my case hike) gear and then your typical clothing like what to wear on the plane, PJs, dinner clothes, hanging out clothes, driving to the pool clothes etc etc. I tried to enlist Bill's help last night and he said, "Oh the trials and tribulations of a tribabe." Exactly! I should just wear a trisuit to the airport and call it good.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Bubba's on drugs

The dog has to rest for and limit activity for 10 days until his stitches come out. We don't know if another dog bit him or if he ran into a blackberry bush last Friday but he's healing well and things should be fine. The little cat keeps looking at him like "what the heck is on your head" so she obviously doesn't remember when she had one of those and we all laughed at her. Below is a photo of the stitches, you don't have to click to zoom in if you don't want to. Hey, what did you want, more flower photos?

Tonight I need to go through my remaining products after the great sales day I had at the Beaver Freezer and do a quick inventory. I looked at the local triathlon calendar and I will be busy attending events every weekend until the end of May if I want to. Do I want to?

I'm headed to Burbank, CA with QRGirl on Thursday for the Slowtwitch triathlon training camp. There will be more girls there this year and we have some new special guests too so I am really looking forward to it. Pro triathlete Bjorn Anderson will take Jonas' spot this year as the swedish doode and we also heard that Emilio DeSoto, the founder of DeSoto triathlon apparel will be there with some new tri gear for us to see. I will be bringing hooded sweatshirts for the crew and some other random stuff from my web store and I plan on having a most excellent time despite my strange "trying to get pregnant but attending a triathlon camp" status. Strange isn't the worst thing I've been called.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The most beautiful place in the world

The sky was overcast and it was about 55 degrees this morning but you could never convince me that there isn't a better place to be than western Oregon in the spring. I went to a local garden with a friend and took photos of spring tulips and had a wonderful morning. Even the easter bunny was there, handing out candy and playing with kids who were exploring the gardens looking for eggs. A local musician was singing and playing guitar while people took photos and wandered about. They had coffee and homemade doughnuts set out so I indulged and thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

Days like this one can be elusive, I am happy with myself, content with life, and feel deeply that there is no where else I would rather be than right here, appreciating the life I am privileged to live. There are pieces of my life that are missing, our families are far away, we are trying to build a life for ourselves and have so far to go, but today, I was at peace with my place in the world. Nature does that for me. I hope spring brings peace of mind to you and that you are appreciating the beauty of life today.

I neglected the blog this past week so I could get some serious sewing done in time for the Beaver Freezer triathlon and it turned out to be worth it. I had my best sales day ever and got a good response to the (new) sweatshirts and beach towels. Friday sucked, I worked until 11:30pm and was up again at 5am but even worse than that was Marshall dog came home from playing disc golf with Bill and had a nasty gash in his side. We don't know if another dog bit him or if he got into a blackberry bush but a huge piece of hair and skin where gone and a few gash marks meant Marshall got to go to emergency for stitches. So we have a cone head dog again, I'll take some pathetic photos and post tomorrow.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

stuff on my mutt

Make hats for Beaver Freezer triathlon. Stay up late. Get up early. Finish hats. Now make race belts. Hope to sleep. Procrastination painful.

Here are some pics from