Sunday, December 31, 2006

We finally made it to Phoenix

Photo of Bill "rock climbing" taken with my cell phone. Went for a nice hike today with the Fleck brothers on Wind Cave Trail. We're here with family until Tuesday and then it will be back to the rain, I think it was in the upper 60s here today. All I know is I had to wear sunglasses (yes) and I have shorts on now. Time for dinner!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Honeymoon story part two: 24 hours of terror

Other than the rain we experienced the first few days, everything went well on our honeymoon until I talked Bill into playing pool volleyball so we could meet some people at the resort. It seemed like there was quite an international crowd there (about 1/3 Mexican and a large amount of Canadians but also several people from European countries) and I was eager to mingle. About 10 minutes into the game (Bill was the only one scoring points--the guy can't help but excel in sports) Bill looks over at me all panicky and says, "My wedding ring is gone!" So everyone stops and starts searching the pool for his ring. We looked everywhere and it was not to be found so Bill got the hotel staff to look in the pool filter but they didn't find anything. His ring was gone.

Bill was disappointed and ticked off so I didn't get on his case about it at all, I just told him it would probably turn up eventually and if not then we would just get another one. No big deal. Still he was bummed, so I encouraged him to plan a scuba diving trip for the next day to cheer him up. I recalled that he was short on cash and the last time I tried to use the ATM it was broken so I told him he better find a dive shop that took credit cards or go get some money. All of our cards were locked in the safe in our room so Bill went to go get his card while I sat at the pool and tried not to be sad about the turn of events.

Bill comes back a few minutes later and says the safe won't open and it's just beeping. I had armed the safe and he must have entered the wrong code and now the safe wouldn't open. OK, no big deal, we'll just call the front desk and see what to do. Meanwhile, Bill makes arrangements to dive the next day at 9am. Finally we get the safe open but by then it's time to go to dinner and see the nightly show and we never made it to the ATM.

The next morning we get up early for breakfast but still don't have time to spare to hit the ATM so we scramble out to the rental car but it won't start. No juice. Ooops! Bill left the lights on and the battery is dead. We head back to the lobby to see about a jump start but the hotel won't do it until we get permission from the rental car company. Bill gets resourceful and asks a taxi to jump us and fortunately one of the taxis had jumper cables. He tipped the driver with our last $5 after he got the car started and ran inside to find me (I was waiting in the lobby like a good little woman).

He quickly called the dive shop to see if they would wait (yes they would) and we ran out to the car together but guess what? The car won't start again. And the taxi driver is gone. And we have no cash. So we go back to the lobby and he cancels his morning dive and tells me to wait while he goes to get some cash. Off he runs to the ATM where the US to peso conversion throws him for a loop. Bill has a bachelor's degree in finance and he's getting an MBA but that morning he could not figure out the 11 to 1 conversion rate so after getting 1,500 pesos out he tried to withdraw 10,000 pesos and the machine says "over daily limit" so he entered 5,000 pesos and the machine got sick of him and ate his card. The same card we used to pay for the hotel and rental car. Or planned to use to pay for everything.

Now why my new husband went to Mexico with $30 in his pocket and only one card I cannot tell you. I did ask him to leave his wallet at home but that doesn't mean just leave everything else. So we lived on 1,500 pesos for the rest of the week (no shopping for me) and I got to run back to the room for my credit cards to pay for his afternoon dive. We are husband and wife after all ;) Meanwhile, Bill got the car jumped again (that taxi driver made $10 fast) and off we went to Akumal for Bill to dive.

So to recap, in less than 24 hours Bill managed to:
1. lose his wedding ring on his honeymoon
2. jam the safe with all of our money in it
3. kill the rental car battery (twice)
4. have his only card eaten by an ATM machine

I kept it together pretty well through all this but I started to wonder... The drama had to be over, right? Apparently Bill thought I looked a little too relaxed so the next day he took off with a Canadian guy we just met and went cave diving and was two 1/2 hours late getting back to the hotel where his wife was getting increasingly panicky. You can lose your ring, your credit card, and kill the rental car but YOU BETTER NOT BE LATE FOR DINNER!

I don't know friends, I might need a do-over on this honeymoon thing. I wonder if there are any vacancies at Xcaret next week, it's pretty cold here in Oregon! Up next: Bill makes me laugh, therefore, he is allowed to come home with me from our honeymoon.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Our honeymoon story: what the heck is wrong with us?

Bill and I booked our honeymoon at an all inclusive resort near Playa del Carmen based on a recommendation from a nice man who occassionally reads my blog (he's much nicer than BeeHunter but that is a whole other story) Anyway! I checked out some guidebooks from the library, browsed the web extensively and packed my Spanish phrase book and got really excited to relax (finally!) I was so relieved to be going to an all inclusive vs. backpacking around Belize like we originally discussed because I was burned out and I blew a fuse planning our wedding so I needed a real BREAK!

Meanwhile, Bill threw some clothes in a suitcase and didn't think twice about the trip until we almost missed the plane out of Portland! The computers were intermittently working at US Air so we got to the gate at 5:30am, just in time for our 5:35am flight. We arrived in Cancun in the afternoon and were greeted with a torrential jungle downpour of rain which was a welcome sight considering we had been living with a torrential forest downpour of rain for the past two months.

We decided to rent a car at the last minute and I almost had to arm wrestle the Dollar rental car agent who tried to sell us timeshare and wouldn't let us out of there. NO MEANS NO LADY! I asked Bill to drive because I read in the guidebook that if you get in a fender bender in Mexico and the cops show up then everyone goes to jail until the court can settle things. We agreed that Bill would do better in a Mexico jail, he can play soccer with the other inmates, I have no skills that would be useful for jail so it was decided.

TRAVEL TIP: If you are driving down a two lane highway in Mexico and wish to pass the car in front of you, don't bother waiting for traffic to clear, just drive down the centerline at anytime.

We drove about 40 miles south of Cancun to our resort, the Occidental Grand Flamenco Xcaret which is located in a jungle and there are no other resorts nearby (yes!) Bill and I have never taken a vacation together that didn't involve sleeping in someone's spare bedroom the night before a triathlon or to visit family so to find ourselves in the lobby of a 4 star hotel with a room key was a first for us.

I think the hotel had about 10 restaurants and all the drinks you can order included in the price (we paid $1100 per person including airfare for 7 days which we thought was a nice deal) The first night out we went to Pacos Tacos and drank 3 margaritas with dinner and then a couple of strawberry daiquiris which made us very drunk. I think this was when Bill declared he was going to drink a 1/2 Ironman bike split in 7 days (56 drinks). Typically Bill has about 2-4 drink per month so you can see what a goal oriented kind of guy he is. We found out that the hotel offered nightly entertainment in the theatre so we scheduled our dinners for 7:30 each night so we could hang out for the 9:30 pm show. Bill especially liked the lady dancers, at one point he said, "These people better get their kids out of here, this show is heating up!" I think he fell asleep 5 minutes later. (tee hee)

This hotel made awesome drinks, some new favorites for us: mango margaritas and miami vice (pina colado and strawberry daiquiri mixed together) mmmmmmmm! We don't drink a whole lot so we were lit up the first few days before we built up a tolerance and then tired of drinking so much (by the last day). Anyway, day two arrived and there were still clouds in the sky and the threat of rain loomed.

Bill was sulking around about the weather and he kept eating too much so he felt like crap and was cranky. After about 10 minutes of this (because I am so patient) I said, "What the heck is wrong with you!?! Quit eating so much and who cares about the rain! It doesn't stop us in Oregon, we do all sorts of stuff in the rain!" After breakfast at the beach club I marched him down to the beach and said, "Let's just sit here and enjoy this 80 degree weather and see if the sun comes out." About 20 minutes later the sun came out and 10 minutes after that we were snorkeling in the little bay at the resort. Drama over (for now)... Up next: 24 hours of terror courtesy of my new husband.

Monster swim results

Today our swim class is doing some crazy 9400 yard swim. We're supposed to be on a holiday break and getting fat but NOT THESE PEOPLE so I will be joining them for a small part of that crazy swim. I don't think I posted Bill's results from the monster swim. He came in 3rd after all of the events, here are his times after swimming only once a week for 3 months.

200 fly: 2:45
400 IM: 5:26
1650 free: 21:56

Some people just don't lose much when they don't work out. I have been doing slightly better with my neck/shoulder/elbow injury. I think the most helpful thing I've done so far is use a TENS unit (see pic). I place electrodes on my skin in the areas where my muscles or nerves are flared up and send electric stimulation to the area via the TENS unit and find after about 15 minutes the inflammation and pain is better. It helps me mentally too because I know that if I am in pain I know there is something I can do to ease it.

I need to write up some stories from our Mexico trip, I'll try to do that today.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays! We gathered together this morning for a family photo before Bill ran off with the dog for a round of disc golf. I am making some food for our dinner tonight and I also have a suprise gift for everyone: hats! (big suprise) I made hats for all of our south town friends so the Christmas spirit will be beaming from me. I have quit drinking coffee and alcohol (sob sob) so I needed some spirit since I am sadly missing Jubelale beer. Jubel jubel, jubel jubel ale beer! No time like the present to give yourself the gift of painful caffeine and seasonal ale withdrawal.

Season's greetings friends, I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I tried!

We haven't been able to find the cookie cutters since we moved so yesterday I made our holiday cookies using flower shapes. I tried, I even drove around to the whole 2 stores in town that might have cookie cutters and they were SOLD OUT. Today we walked over to the hippies house and I borrowed Cindy's cutters and tried again with the cookies. I think I should give up on this venture.

Tomorrow we will share Christmas with friends, luckily we were invited to dinner so we won't starve or be sad tomorrow since our holiday plans were cancelled. Bill asked me what I wanted for Christmas and after a quick inventory I knew that I have everything I could want already this year. We made a lot of good things happen in 2006: we bought a house, got engaged, got married, and went on a great honeymoon (phew!). It wasn't all perfect, we started off 2006 with an eviction notice and Bill without a job, but we figured it out and whenever something came up we stuck together and the bottom line for Bill and I always came back to a single fact: we like being together so whatever chaos is going on around us will just have to take a back seat. 2007 will hopefully include some family planning for us and that will fill our plates even fuller.

Maybe these goofy cookies are a perfect example of how we don't always make things come together perfectly but we're doing pretty dang well in spite of ourselves. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday tomorrow and great plans for 2007. I will have to post a holiday photo with season's greetings from the funny farm tomorrow.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Home for the holidays

Photo of Cassie helping me make cookies. Well our flight to Phoenix didn't happen due to the layover in Denver where the airport was closed. We rescheduled our trip for New Year's weekend so we had to find some things to do at home this weekend. One of my co-workers gave me a Christmas tree (I must have looked really pathetic with my canceled holiday plans) and then Bill bought me some flannel pajamas with a holiday print so I am on my way to a merry Christmas.

Yesterday we went for a hike and did some shopping and today I started making cookies while Bill went on a trail run. He said he had to go for a long run to jump start his metabolism after our honeymoon. I think the threat of cookies made him realize that he had to exercise so he could eat without guilt. We should be headed for the mountains to do some skiing but I haven't felt great since we got back from Mexico so I don't feel too compelled to go anywhere. It's nice to be home with the funny farm. I've have been taking photos all weekend because I've missed them so much, here's what we are doing this weekend...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holiday travel

We were supposed to fly to Phoenix today with a layover in Denver but a major snowstorm closed the airport yesterday and our flight was canceled. We don't know what we are doing yet but United is not offering any alternatives and most of the other airlines are booked. I'm sad, we just got our holiday shopping done and we have no decorations at our own house so if we can't go I'll have to get some holiday cheer going.

Bill is trying to figure out an alternative now so we might still make it. Photo was taken Tuesday before my work holiday party. Bill likes to torment my boss and he stole all of the drink tickets from her. She will only give 2 tickets per person so Bill waits until she relaxes her grip on the tickets and then swipes them just to give her a bad time. My boss is very sweet, she gave me a nice bridal shower this past summer and has always been a good boss to me so I'm very sad that she has quit and is moving on to a new job in January.

While we were gone on our honeymoon there was a major windstorm in the Northwest and several old trees went down. This tree is in front of a dorm at OSU, I like to walk over there for coffee and the tree feel on the awning and destroyed it. I quit drinking coffee this week and I feel awful. I keep getting headaches so I'm drinking tea to try to ease off the caffeine. I love coffee so this isn't an easy habit to quit!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


We're back in business... but I'm leaving for Phoenix on Thursday to see family so I will be taking the holidays off and will be back Monday. I just don't work any more, working is for other people! Actually, if you do want to order and can get it in before Thursday morning I will get it to embroidery before we leave again.

Photos from our trip to the Riveria Maya: I will write stories later because I'm swamped right now!

Monday, December 18, 2006

no muy bueno

My favorite place for breakfast at our hotel. Chocolate filled croissants and cappuccinos every morning. wah! It's freaking freezing in Oregon, what the heck! Yesterday morning we were in sunny Cancun and today... BRRR! Why do I live here? Bill said he feels better now that he's home but the only thing I feel cold!

I have lots of great photos to upload and I'll try to get them up sometime today. We had a great time, lots of laughs, and a rough 24 hours where Bill tried to see how much trouble he could find at an all inclusive resort in Mexico. It's a good thing he does a great impression of a monkey scratching his butt because apparently, that's a skill I appreciate in a man.

We learned a lot about eachother by spending 24 hours a day together for 7 days. I thought I knew it all about Bill but he keeps suprising me. I love him now more than ever! Fun details later!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


No cell phone coverage here so I couldn{t post photos. We are having a blast, the hotel is great, the riveria maya is amazing and the unlimited drinks are keeping us laughing. Going diving-snorkeling tomorrow at Akumel. Rained like we were in the jungle the first two days, all sun past two days, who knows tomorrow! The hotel is keeping us happy with strawberry margaritas regardless of the weather.

Today Bill lost his wedding ring while playing pool volleyball :( hoping it comes up in pool filter. If not, he must die or sleep in the jungle with the rest of the monkeys. Did I say the hotel is great? Will have many stories to tell, don{t let me forget about the tennis pro and how Bill mastered Spanish in one day.

I miss Bubba and the rest of the funny farm at home but love Mexico so they will have to wait. Poor babies. Will post photos Monday. ADIOS AMIGOS!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

One for the road

If you click on this pic you can see baby Cassie's sharp little teeth piercing Marshall's eye. Good times! I'll miss the zoo while we're gone. We have to leave the house around 2 am to get up to Portland in time for our flight. Ouch! Gotta go!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cold, foggy, and lovely

Oregon in the wintertime, photo taken with camera on cell phone and emailed to my blog. Fun! Next photos from phone will be from Mexico!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

In a fog--I need a margarita

Bill was up until 3:30 am this morning studying for finals and he has two left so he will be up late again tonight. I get about 15 minutes a night with him and then he's off to study. I think we're too old for this but he seems to be fine. He'll be done with finals Thursday night and then Friday we have the monster swim workout: 200 fly, 400 IM, and 1650 free. I'm doing the timing for the event so I don't aggravate my neck injury--that's a pretty hard workout. I'll report how Bill does on his one swim a week training program.

Last night I went out to walk the dog around 7:30 at night and it was cold and foggy so we walked down to towards the river where the fog was rolling in and glowing from the lights of nearby houses. I was trying to relax and find some stimulation from being outside in the cold but my brain is stuck right now and I hate feeling this way.

I could be at a crossroads professionally or... not. I'm trying to decide if I should apply for a new job due to the problems at work but with wanting to get pregnant and Bill finishing school in June it doesn't seem like a good time to make any changes. I just found out about a job that could be a good move for me professionally but it doesn't seem right for me to apply given my personal circumstances. At my current job my supervisor found a new job and is leaving at the end of the month and I will be moved to a new location and work for someone else. I don't want anything to change but it is going to change so I have to figure out what I want from all of it.

The other thing weighing on me is not knowing where Bill will get a job and if I will have to quit my job and move. I have never not worked, not since I was 16, so the idea of having kids and not working or even working part time is surreal. I know change is coming, I hope change is coming, but I don't know what it will be.

I have a honeymoon to go on, we leave really early on Sunday so we will be at the beach on Sunday afternoon. I wish I could just relax and not think about any of this. I need to not think about this right now. I need a margarita, in Mexico, poolside with my husband and none of this other stuff. I'm ready to go!

Monday, December 04, 2006


A note to customers of TRIBABE.COM: I had to close my web store at this busy time of year so we can go on our honeymoon. I apologize for the inconvenience and would like to offer you 20% off you next order when the web store re-opens on 12/18/06, use coupon code: happytrigeeks.


Never go on a date with me

The weekend was a bit of a blur but the weather was nice (I guess) since it was sunny with temps in the mid 40s (brrrr!) but at least it wasn't raining. Saturday night we went out to a new restaurant (burgers and beer place next to the university). I told Bill he had to go put on pants before we left since I couldn't stand looking at his sweatpants for another second (they are soccer pants from the 80s and they are awful) and he comes back wearing hiking boots, jeans, and a tshirt.

I say, "What's up with the hiking boots!?! Its freezing outside, why don't you go put on a long sleeve shirt!?" which seems to cause him all sorts of problems. I had styled my hair and put on make up so I was all cuted-up and here he was wearing hiking boots? I don't get it. So while he's changing I put on a sweater and decide to mess with him and put on some sunglasses (its 6:30 at night).

When he comes down with outfit #2 (a skiing sweater--ok!?!) I say "What do you think of my outfit, do you think this sweater is too much?" and he goes, "No, I think its the sunglasses." and I say, "I think this sweater doesn't go with these boots, I'm going to put on something else" and he says (urgently) "I think its the sunglases!" and I ignore him and put on a fleece jacket and act like I'm ready to go. WHAT A COUPLE OF FREAKS!

I started laughing and took the sunglasses off, he seriously thought I was going to dinner with Paris Hilton sunglasses on at night! HA! Later at dinner I asked him why he had hiking boots on and he said he wanted to break them in before we went hiking next time. I guess that makes sense. No wonder we don't go out much!