Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Worthless animals and babbling nonsense

Cassie are you hunting for a mouse in there? Bill is really unhappy with our kitty cats, yesterday he found a mouse in the house (probably the same mouse Bree brought in last month) and he managed to chase the mouse down the stairs straight past the two cats and dog who sat there watching. He put towels in all of the door jams and shut all the doors in the house and made the two cats sleep downstairs last night hoping they would catch the mouse. Since I was "home alone" last night while Bill was at a meeting I locked myself in the sewing room and didn't come out until he got home. I even called my mommie so she could feel sorry for me. Yes I'm 34.

Marshall is wearing a flower lei to entertain me, isn't he precious? For our Halloween party I dressed up like a snorkeler and Marshall wore this lei to match me. Bill did not dress up like Paris Hilton and everyone said he was LAME! We had a fun party but I really cannot have more than two drinks without having a bad time the next day. We barely took the edge off of the bottle of apple flavored Vodka so that's going to sit there for a while. Maybe we'll find someone to give it to.

After Bill got home last night, Marshall, Cassie and I settled in to watch TV. Check out this extreme cuddling! Marshall's feet are hanging off the stool and Cassie is tucked into his smelly side. This is why I call the dog The Cuddler. He loves to cuddle, its what he does. Enough nonsense out of me, oh yeah, notice the cardboard box holding up the DVD player? I'm really happy about that. I would go to the furniture store if it didn't cause WW3 with Bill so let's just say we will continue to live in a frat house until Bill decides it's legal to buy furniture. We could use a mediator on the furniture issue. Don't get me started.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Nothing good about apple martinis

This weekend I drank too much, ate too much, slept too much and my neck hurts and I'm still tired. Bill called to say he saw a mouse in the house but couldn't catch it before he left for his evenining meeting.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Okie from Oregon

I'm going to the liquor store today to purchase booze for our Halloween party on Saturday. This is exciting because I don't know that I have even been in the liquor store since I moved here over 5 years ago. Big time! I really want Bill to dress up as Paris Hilton for Halloween but he gets mad at me every time I bring it up. I thought we could get him a dress and big sunglasses at the Dollar Store and I have a blond big he could wear so he would just need to carry Cassie around and he would be set!

He already shaves his legs so...

I'm going to Las Vegas to volunteer at Silverman triathlon in two weeks and I literally have NOTHING to wear. I dress like an Oregonian or straight outta REI and I really have nothing to wear to a show in Las Vegas. Yeah. Maybe I should glue some sparkly sequince onto my fleece vest. Then I'll just need some bifocal glasses, a glass full of whiskey on ice and a cigarette and I'll be ready for the slot machines!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

El Diablo Strikes: Puppita Get Your Bone

What a precious baby kitty we have been given by my loving sister to her new brother-in-law Bill. A thoughtful wedding gift, the sweet baby, so soft and cuddly, Bill's first kitten. When we are upstairs and we have forgetten the little kitten downstairs she cries, "MEW MEW MEW MEW!" until a mommy or daddy comes running downstairs to retrieve the poor, helpless angel but oh no! It was a ruse! The cry from the bottom of the stairs comes from a diabolical genius, hiding around the corner amongst the shoes, she is ready to ATTACK!!!!

Ouch! My leg! The kitten is attached to my leg and is biting me! OWWWW!!! Help me! Oh the agony, my love, my angel is really, EL DIABLO...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A good fit?

Bill and Marshall walking on a lovely fall evening, notice Bill's lack of clothes...? Brrrrr! We're about to lose daylight so we'll have to figure out a new schedule for dog walking and other things. Sounds like its time to go to the Caribbean! I was wrong yesterday when I said Bill had not been to the Caribbean, he has been to the Bahamas and he has also been to Mexico (Tijuana) so as you can see my blog is full of misinformation. Bill frequently tells me that my blog is wrong so I'm waiting for him to start a blog refuting everything I say. That would be strange! I think Marshall should start a blog to chronicle Cassie's bad behavior.

Is it me or does Cassie look too big for this basket? She finally figured out that she should not get her kitty collar in the morning to wake us up (she gets put outside immediately) and that it was better to lay in bed and purrrrrr where it is warm and snuggly. Last night I walked into the bedroom and found Marshall and Cassie on the bed cuddled together so I laid down with them and we all spooned together. Ah, the life!

Monday's swim set:
some easy warm up
1000 free or 13 minutes
50 easy
400 IM
I crawled to the showers before it was over.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Fabulous Mexican Riviera

We booked the honeymoon last night (finally) and we are seven weeks away from a one week vacation at an all inclusive resort on The Fabulous Mexican Riviera! I feel like I have won a prize on the Price is Right! We're staying at the Occidental Grand Xcaret Resort. I can't pronounce the name but we're going there.

This will be Bill's first trip to the Caribbean and our first trip together to a foreign country. All of our previous travel has been in the States so this will be fun for us. Bill has traveled more than I have but I have been to Mexico several times so I think we will survive our vacation to a foreign land.

I think I'll just put my feet up now and start dreaming about our honeymoon... Can we go now please? I could use a Bahama Mama and a sun tan.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The hat maker is in the house

Married life is going well because my husband knows how to keep me happy. I came home Friday to a case of Jubelale stacked up in the hallway. Not bad honey! I had some work to do this weekend so I needed a little help with relaxation.

Saturday I started the Ironman live coverage of Kona and got to work on about 60 hats. Bill went to a disc golf tournament at our local park while I tried to keep little Cassie kitty out of the sewing room. I slipped out for about an hour to stop into a baby shower and to buy fabric, other than that I worked until 7:30 pm and then we went out for bowling with friends. We made it home around 10:30pm and waited for Griz to finish the Ironman, he walked the entire marathon (due to his back injury) and finished in 15:38:46. This blurry photo is from the online coverage of Even finishing with Gayle by his side.

Sunday we were up early for the Beaver Fever Duathlon. I think there were abour 170 people in the race and the weather was perfect for a run-bike-run.
Bill and I helped out with packet pickup and then I sold hats for the rest of the morning. After a short nap I went for a lovely walk with Marshall and K and enjoyed this great fall weather! Sunny and upper 60s is just too wonderful for October. We didn't make time to book our honeymoon or do any housework so I've got a growing to do list to deal with this week. At least I'm not trying to train for anything right now. I can't believe I started tribabe.com while working full time and training for an Ironman. That's totally crazy.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Jubel jubel jubel... ale beeeerrrrr!

I think I might have glimpsed a 6 pack of my favorite beer at the store!!! Everybody sing: "Seasonal beer makes holidays sincere! It's the time of year for Jubelale beer! Jubel jubel, jubel jubel ALE BEER!" I made up that song, wasn't it lovely!

I know it's strange but every year I get SO HAPPY when Jubel hits the shelves. JUBEL JUBEL! I'm going to the store tonight to buy my first Jubelale of the season!

Our swim workout yesterday:
600 free
2x25 hummingbird
400 free
200 fly
300 free
200 back
200 free
200 breast
100 free
100 IM

I hit the showers before the end of the workout and I was breathing like a fat guy in a sauna but OH WELL! Now back to: JUBEL JUBEL! JUBEL ALE!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Take me away!

It was cold and foggy this morning and I had to hum "Eye of the Tiger" to get through my morning bike commute. Brrrrr! I love it when Bill kisses me goodbye in the morning as I leave on my bike, he has taken to saying "It's not that cold!" before he heads back into the house. BRRRRRRRR!

I was up late last night trying to narrow down our honeymoom options. We're going somewhere in early December so we need to book NOW! Originally we were trying to decide between Greece and backpacking around Belize. Then we looked at cost for travel and paid for the wedding and then narrowed it down to Belize or Cozumel. Airfare into Cancun is really great right now and there are several deals on hotels there. Once Bill started the MBA program we realized that there was no way he was going to be able to work a side job (returning to school for a 2nd masters in your mid 30s is not cheap, even with a scholarship!) so we eliminated Belize and are now trying to decide between Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Cozumel.

I'm not at all unhappy about the compromise, look at these photos from Cancun! Bill wants to dive, lay in hammocks and drink fu-fu drinks. I want to stay at a nice resort, eat great food, and enjoy the natural beauty of Mexico. I have to admit that I am not sorry about losing the "backpackers" travel style either, we live that lifestyle in Oregon and I don't need it on my honeymoon! I want a nice resort where I can wear a dress to dinner and have clean hair. I think we're going to go to an all-inclusive resort. So yeah, flea ridden hotel in Belize or 4 star resort in Mexico... I'm ready to book!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Safety First!

Marshall dog got a new neck scarf for his night time walks. Safety first Marshall!
I haven't reported on swim class because the sets have been so convoluted that I can't remember them. We're working on a new breast stroke turn that I'm sure I am screwing up but that's the least of my problems. I swam today for a couple hundred yards without the wrist cast and I felt stronger so I think I am making some progress! I am working over time on this injury with all of the various things I am doing, I think I'll document it tomorrow, it's a little crazy between the casts, slings, electrodes and nerve stretching. My favorite thing to do is using heating pads on my neck. Probably wouldn't enjoy it in the summer but it's nice right now in the cool fall weather.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Fall weather and an earthquake

Even (ol Griz) and Gayle are on the Big Island and got to experience the 6.6 earthquake first hand while waiting for a 5k run to start on Sunday morning. They were right down by the water and said everyone started running up hill in case there was a tsuami. Apparently the 5k went on and Gayle won her age group. Griz is gearing up for the Hawaii Ironman next weekend and is in better spirits now that he is in Kona.

I am enjoying the fall weather and went on a hike Saturday morning at the Fitton Green area in Corvallis with my new friend K. She knows a lot of the trails from mtn biking so she's showing me some areas I've never seen. We enjoyed dinner at her house last night and I decided that Bill and I are going to host a Halloween party! Yeah! Also got out on the disc golf course briefly and had friends over for pizza so it was a busy and delightful weekend.

I got into my sewing room and started on some hats to sell next weekend at the Beaver Fever Duathlon. Hopefully it will be cold and I'll make some extra cash, I just booked a girl's weekend to Vegas so I can network at the Silverman triathlon next month so I could use some nickels for the slots. After a flurry of sewing I took a nap on the couch with the cat and dog while listening to CNN coverage of the earthquake. For once, I was glad I wasn't in Hawaii!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Retro race report: Iron Eagle Triathlon 2003

I came to the sport of triathlon because one of my friends was talking about doing a triathlon (which I thought was STUPID) and I had been diagnosed with arthritis in my shoulders and told to exercise to make it better. I needed to make a change in my life so I thought I might as well try something completely different and signed up for the triathlon class being offered at EWU (where I worked as a computer geek).

After a few weeks of class I found out I was a good runner and a bad swimmer. I wasn't in the slowest swim lane, but I was no where near the fastest. A woman in my office building was a former Olympic swimmer, she was about 6 feet tall and was a pretty blond woman who inadvertantly intimidated just about everyone. The first time I went to her office I saw a wall full of triathlon ribbons and awards from races she had won. She told me to be careful about biking on campus because she had gotten a speeding ticket for riding her bike too fast. I thought she was Cool.

The final for the triathlon class was a sprint distance triathlon (500 yard swim, 12 mile bike, and 3 mile run). I was a nervous wreck on race day since my only other experience was at the Beaver Freezer where I completely bombed and went off course twice. At least I knew the course here, I had trained on it for 3 months!

The Olympic office lady came to cheer for me and I tried to act like I wasn't completely freaked out which worked until the race started. The swim was in the pool at the university and I led my lane in the first wave of the triathlon. Immediately my googles came off (completely) and I had to stop to readjust while everyone in my lane passed me and I quickly fell behind. Of course this freaked me out even further so I sputtered along finally finishing about 1 minute slower than what I had been swimming in class.

Off to the bike, I had borrowed an old 10 speed (gears on the down tube but it was red so I thought it was fast) and I went out as hard as I could. There was a swimmer girl in the class that I wanted to beat badly but she was way ahead of me (like 5 minutes) so I pushed as hard as I could on the out and back course. I was suprised to see how far ahead she was but I kept pushing. I came off the bike not knowing how far back I was and feeling exhausted and still freaked out.

There was a long hill out of the transition area on the run and I decided to walk it so I could calm down. I figured walking wasn't that much slower than what I would run so I kept walking until the top when I saw the rest of the runners ahead. There was the swimmer girl, within my sights. I ran as hard as I could after that and pushed to catch her but I ran out of road. She beat me by 30 seconds and won overall. I was second.

Of course it was great to finish but I couldn't believe how close I had come to winning. I was hooked. I couldn't wait to sign up for my next triathlon, only it would be longer so I would have more road to catch those fast swimmers. I ran into the swimmer girl two years later at a 1/2 Ironman where I PR'd the run and beat her(by a lot). I almost felt bad about it. Almost!

Interestingly, my original friend who talked about doing a triathlon has never done one and she has never come to any of my races (even though they were in her hometown). She is no longer my friend, not because of triathlon but because of what triathlon taught me. I don't have time for people who talk about living life. I'm too busy living it.

And finally, my Olympic office mate and I planned to go head to head at some local triathlons except she was shocked to find out she had ovarian cancer. She lost her ovaries (she was in her early 30s and not married) but she recovered from cancer. She changed careers, got a new man in her life, and the last time I saw her was at Ironman Coeur d'Alene where she was a volunteer and I was racing. She looked great but Ironman was not in her future.

This is part of the reason why I will not take life (pregnancy, triathlon, walking the earth) for granted. I try to find something to love about everyday, whether its a walk with the dog, a tough swim workout, or enjoying some quiet time on the deck. The pace of my life is changing right now so I can get ready to be pregnant next year and I am doing better than ever. And I'm swimming. And not running at all. Maybe I'll turn into a swimmer girl!?!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A problem at tribabe.com headquarters

A certain someone has taken up residence in my sewing room to do homework. I think the problem is the computer (with music) is in the there but it seems to me that we have one person too many trying to work in there. Not sure how this will play out but I can't do production sewing with Bill's accounting homework all over the place. Poor guy, I almost feel sorry for him but wait until I have an order for 50+ hats. There will be no mercy then.

Well the cutest thing ever is going on at our house. The new little cat is proving to be completely adorable. She thinks the dog is her big brother and follows him everywhere to either tease or cuddle him. Part of nightly ritual is to remove all of the animal's collars and put them on the nightstand so the tags don't rattle in the night. In the morning Cassie wakes up at exactly two minutes before the alarm and retrieves her collar from the nightstand. It's time to go out she says! The dog used to do this until he realized it's damn cold in the morning and its better to sleep in on the warm bed. Brilliant!

Yes, Cassie is climbing the fence already and was found outside of her yard last night. She's awfully little to be out and about so we're trying to keep her close. Last night Bree came home with something stuck to her head, a spider web crown! She must have the halloween spirit. Last night Bill and I realized that we are on target to having eaten 4 bags of Halloween candy in under one week. I'm obviously going to have to go get more this weekend!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

But he looks so nice!

I had to dig out this photo of Bill with our swim coach Winkler. This photo was taken at Bill's last swim before Ironman Hawaii in 2005. Bill shows up to swim class at least 10 minutes late every time and proceeds to put the hurt on all the guys and gals who show on time every time. People don't understand why Bill swim so fast, he doesn't have the greatest looking stroke.

He's a natural athlete and there's nothing any of us can do about it. Okay but now do you see why I'm so scared of my coach!?! 400 IM at the top, ready GO! I love this coach!

I don't know what this means

I went to swim class today and we did a nice warm up with the various strokes and then the coach settled in to 4x100 on 1:45 with 100 recovery repeated 3 times. 1:45 is very generous. Very generous is not how our coach operates. I'm scared. Our coach is about 92 years old and when I joined the class last year he would yell at me, "ERIKA! ERIKA! You're not kicking hard enough! ERIKA! Just don't do breast stroke kick!"

He hasn't yelled at me this year, I think the wrist protector has him completely turned off to me. I'm suprised he hasn't started calling me a sissy girl or kicked me out of practice.

I'm totally kidding. I love our coach, he's Hard Core. Pic is from the Beaver Freezer triathlon at OSU.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Can 200 fly kill you?

I thought I was going to die today in swim class and I didn't even try to complete the 200 fly. It's kind of sad because this time last year I was really excited to do workouts like this, now I'm just happy to be alive at the end of class because I am so fatigued from physical therapy I think I am going to die.

5 minute warm up
600 (200free, 200 IM, 200 free)
4x50 IM order
2x25 hummingbird
50 recovery

200 fly
150 back
2x50 breast
4x25 free
50 recovery
(repeat 4 times rotating the 200 between all 4 strokes)

Of course I didn't make it through the entire workout and I had the brace on so I was all dorked out. I am making progress in physical therapy and have been given a take home TENS unit that I am using everyday. I hook electrodes to my elbow, traps, pecs, and shoulders and zap electrical currents through the muscles and nerves.

Very scary

The weather in Corvallis is quintessentially fall with lows in the 30s and highs in the 70s and little to no rain. The leaves are turning red, yellow and orange and the crisp air was an invitation for a nice 6 mile hike on Saturday to nearby McCullough Peak. Next time I'll take the camera--the views were amazing. Bill went to a football game while I was hiking and we met up later for burgers and brew at a pub downtown. Afterwards we stopped by the hippy's house and played ping pong while Marshall dog ran around their house causing havoc with their dog Sequoia.

On Sunday Bill met Griz for a last bike ride before he leaves for Kona to to Ironman Hawaii. I'm sorry to report that Griz is not doing well, he had a hard time recovering from Ironman Coeur d'Alene and has been experiencing pain in his back and legs (a result of titanium rods holding him together from his crash at IM Florida). His Dr. has advised him not to run and he is living with pain daily. He is not planning to finish Kona but is still going, it may be his last Ironman. Or not, we're trying to keep his spirits high. Here is Griz's story if you don't know about him from my blog...

While the guys were out biking I decorated the front of the house with a very scary spider web which was an elaborate cover for me to buy lots of halloween candy! MMMMmmmmmmm! I have also started winterizing the yard and began to prune back some of the climbing vines that have taken over our deck. Going to have to take some fall photos, it is truly wonderful here right now. I love Oregon!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Video from the funny farm

Alright, well it's not the funniest, best produced or most interesting BUT, I think it's entertaining enough to watch. Our first video, shot on location at the funny farm (aka our house). I'll probably have to come up with better ideas for movies than this, but its my first attempt so bear with me.

Here is Cassie starring in her first role as El Diablo on YouTube.com

Geeked out in swim class

The physical therapist has me wearing a wrist protector on my right arm during swim class so I don't bend my hand to overcompensate for the weakness on my right side. She also taped my right trap to keep it from spazzing out so today I was the geek with the wrist protector and taped shoulder.

I did about 1/2 the yards of today's workout but Bill came to class and kicked butt after taking two weeks off:

warmup 5 minutes
3x300 (alternate 100s with free and any stroke)
200 IM
5x200 free
6x100 IM
4x25 hummingbird
100 cool

Nothing like 5x200 free to make you want to swim 6 100 IMs. Prior to swimming with this class I could barely swim 100 IM. Now I love it. Not that I'm good at it, but I love it anyway.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

1000 free or 15 minutes

The only way to follow up 1200 yards of IM in a main set is...

5 minute warm up
600 (alternate 100 free/100 IM)
50 recovery
2x25 hummingbird
50 recovery

1000 yards or 15 minutes continuous free
50 recovery

3x50 fly
3x50 back
3x50 breast

and I was DONE so I don't know what happened after that. I decided the 15 minute continuous freestyle was a good time to "zen" out in the pool only I was all over the place and could find any zen. Yet I keep going back.

Retro race report: Beaver Freezer Sprint Triathlon 2001

This is a pathetic tale but a fine illustration of why I don't try new things on a whim. Here is the story of my first triathlon or my first attempt to complete a triathlon...

On April 10, 2001 I was visiting Corvallis, Oregon to check out the town and university to see if I wanted to move there (it was one of my life's dreams to live in Oregon). At the time I was working at Eastern Washington University and taking classes there including an "Introduction to Triathlon Training" class. The class included swimming, running and triathlon training but you handled the biking on your own. I didn't have a bike to ride at the time so I borrowed a co-worker's old 10 speed bike to train on and tried to learn how to swim. I wasn't the worst swimmer in the class but I was far from the best. Really far from the best. I think I swam 500 yards in around 11 minutes and that was an all out effort.

Anyway, I was in the middle of this class which was really a stretch for me, I had no athletic background at all, my only advantage was that I had started running a year prior to taking the class. Running was hard for me since I was so out of shape but I really enjoyed it because it felt like a natural athletic thing for me to do. I am not a natural athlete in anyway other than this.

So I come to Corvallis and borrow a friend of a friend's old mountain bike to do the Beaver Freezer triathlon. When I picked up the bike I had to laugh at the plastic dinosaur duct taped to the handlebars. Not exactly high tech equipment, but what did I know? Not much it all as I was about to find out...

The Freezer is held in the pool at OSU and you are assigned to a heat time based on your estimated swim time. Due to poor planning, I didn't arrive at the race site until 10 minutes prior to my heat time and I had the cold realization that I didn't know anything about transition areas or how I was supposed to get from A to B to C. I just threw my stuff into a pile and ran toward the pool. I don't remember much about the swim except it was hard and when we exited the pool there was frost on the ground and steam was coming off of everyone's wet bodies.

Out on the bike I had no idea where I was or where I was going. I also had not looked at the course map so I relied on volunteers and traffic to navigate where I was supposed to go. I didn't know it at the time but the course has two out and back sections and I had completed one out and back before I started heading back in toward the university. There was no computer on my loaned bike so I had no idea how far I had traveled or for how long.

I made it back from the bike ride feeling pretty peppy so I went out pretty hard on the run. I had no idea where I was going and there seemed to be a lot less people on the run course than out on the bike course. There was a man running ahead of me so I decided I better lock onto him since I didn't know where I was going. I started getting a bad feeling when we crossed a busy highway and there were no traffic cops or volunteers there to help with the crossing. A few blocks later I asked the man if he was in the triathlon and he said "what triathlon?"

So I turned around, cussing myself out, and returned to the course and started following the people who were actually in the race. As I ran back to the finish I started realizing that I had screwed up. When I crossed the finish line ahead of my friend who was in the race I put two and two together and came up with a big negative: I had missed part of the bike course.

I went to the timing station to tell the volunteers that I had not completed the race and asked them to take my name out of the results. I was so totally dejected I packed my stuff and left, having NOT completed my first triathlon. WHAT A DUMB ASS! I told myself over and over.

A few hours later they announced my name as the new course record holder for the women's mountain bike division. My time: 1:09:53. I went back to Washington state dejected but in love with Corvallis, Oregon. I started applying for jobs at the university and got one almost immediately. One of my very first friends (Michelle) said, "Erika Olson!?! You took my record away at the Beaver Freezer!" (Oh crap)

Next retro race report: Iron Eagle Sprint triathlon or how I lost 1st place in my first ever triathlon by 30 seconds and became addicted to the sport.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

tribabe.com redesign

I'm having fun now!!! I updated the home page for tribabe.com with some fun graphics and silly photos which is helping me get remotivated for what I hope will be busy winter months ahead. I think I'll add some snowflakes to the graphic to make it even more chicked out. Can't have any masculine colors or graphics for tribabe.com! I had a good laugh when a man emailed me to ask if he could order from my web site since he was a man. ha haaa haaa! Good times to me but don't tell Bill, he's taking this MBA thing seriously and might insist I rename my site tri-person.com so I don't run off any customers.

We're hosting a dinner for 10 people tonight and I did most of the cooking last night but still have a lot to do and I have physical therapy (including cervical traction) this afternoon so quite the relaxing afternoon I have to look forward to.

Monday, October 02, 2006

1200 IM (I want my mommie)

Week two day 1 of our class and I KNEW he was working toward 400 IM!

5 minute warm up
400 free
4x50 IM order
2x25 ultra short
50 recovery

400 IM
4x50 free
4x50 back
200 IM
4x50 breast
100 IM
4x50 free

I was done by the time we got to 4x50 breast so I don't know what the cool down was. I want my mommie and a nap.

I'm old get over it

Bill and I went out to a nice restaurant Saturday night for my non-birthday birthday. We used a gift certificate that was a wedding gift from his brother and wife (thank you!!!!) and it was nice enough for us to sit outside to eat but we had to bring dessert home because we were stuffed!

I had a non-birthday because I don't want to be 34 and I'm done with attention/party planning/gifting post-wedding. Tomorrow we are having a dinner party for some of our friends that helped us with the wedding. Bill was going to handle the thank you cards but he is so busy with school now I think I writer's cramp is in my future.

Friday night we drove up to Mary's Peak with our friends Lonnie, Cindy and Samara (aka The Hippies) and camped out for the night. We stayed up drinking wine and beer and playing dice and tried to sleep in and have a lazy camper's morning. We did a short hike up the peak and enjoyed the views of the Willamette Valley and the fog in the hills. More weekend photos.

Hiking with Samara is always a test in patience, it took her about 30 minutes to walk 300 yards and by the end of it she had taken off most of her clothes, eaten a Cliff bar, and squashed a grasshopper. She's so dang cute it's funny to watch. Here she is with her baby stuffed into her Camelbak, she's been backpacking since she was an infant and knows how pack for a day trip. ;)

I'm working on a redesign of tribabe.com for the winter and hope to release it online this week. I like to change things at least every 6 months and this will be a fun redesign for the holidays!